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7 Best Data Analytics Boot Camps in 2024

Data analysis and machine learning have remained some of the most rewarding jobs for business intelligence software and data professionals. Well-paying big data analytics and data science positions are becoming more common in the job market. Considering the market demand, it’s no surprise that data analytics boot camp programs are also more accessible than ever.

In this article, I’ll list the 7 best data analytics boot camps that will hugely benefit prospective data scientists in 2024.

Whether you’re looking for a career in analytical forecasting in the financial sector or high-level data analysis to solve real-world problems, a data science boot camp will provide the ideal launching pad for a successful career.

They may offer slightly different specific knowledge points, however, the core competencies are the same for all of them.

Here are the 7 best data analytics boot camp courses that you can sign up for in 2024.

  • DataCamp
  • Lambda School
  • The Data Science Course 2024 – Udemy
  • Data Analyst Boot Camp – Springboard
  • Berkeley Data Analytics Bootcamp – UC Berkeley Extension
  • Online Data Analytics Course – General Assembly
  • Data Analytics Certificate Course – BrainStation

1) DataCamp

Price: Free (Basic Membership) and $25 Per Month (Yearly Unlimited Plan)
Duration: Self-Paced
Level: Beginner to Advanced Level

We rated DataCamp as the number Data Analytics Bootcamp. It is the ultimate boot camp for learning everything you want and need about data analytics. It’s a massive library of courses and certifications designed to be tailored to specific career paths and specializations. If you opt for the paid yearly plan, you can get access to over 300+ courses and multiple tracks that delve into all-things data analytics.

You will have access to multiple short videos that are developed by expert instructors; then, you’ll be given practice exercises to execute what you’ve learned immediately. With more hands-on experience and bite-sized chapters, you can quickly gather all the information you need regarding data analytics.

Some of the technologies you can learn data analytics for include:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • Excel
  • Power BI

You can choose your courses according to the technology you want to specialize in. You can also search for specific data topics; some of the common data topics include the following:

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Manipulation
  • Machine Learning
  • Reporting
  • Data Engineering
  • Programming

You can search your courses according to what you want to become an expert in. Since the boot camp is self-paced, you can do as many courses as you want at your own pace.

For more information on all the courses, you get access to, visit DataCamp.

2) Lambda School

Price: Free
Duration: 20-Hours
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Lambda School is known to be one of the leading schools for data science, data analytics, and coding. Their boot camp is all about learning data analytics basics, coding, and web development.

The boot camp will have you build real projects using JavaScript, CSS, Python, and HTML on live classes. Your instructors will be the top data science and web development experts, and they teach you everything from scratch. Therefore, if you’re new to coding, you can still attend the boot camp.

You’ll be getting live help and guidance from Lambda School instructors. You can also participate in live Q&A sessions and submit your answers in real-time. Most importantly, you’ll also be getting access to self-learning modules for practicing your newly learned skills.

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing in the boot camp.

  • Build a single-page website with CSS and HTML
  • Build a simple webserver with Java (or JavaScript)
  • Build a calculator with Java
  • Learn various data analytics and data science techniques

You’ll essentially be learning about data analytics and coding, giving you all the necessary knowledge and tools to become a data analyst.

You can learn more about the Lambda School’s boot camp here.

3) The Data Science Course 2024 – Udemy

Price: $129.99
Duration: Self-paced (multimedia content)
Level: Intermediate-Advanced

The Udemy Data Science Course 2024 boot camp is a complete course on data science, practical applications of data analytics, and multiple forms of data handling.

Focusing on real-world data applications, this course teaches a variety of subjects, from the various disciplines of data science and popular trends in the data science sphere to advanced deep learning and software integration.

Additionally, the course serves as a coding boot camp for Python since the language forms the basis of the programming-centric knowledge.

Here are some of the things candidates will learn within this program:

  • Data Science Concepts (Intro): The first module serves as an introduction to data science as a field and expands on the various concepts such as big data, artificial intelligence, business analytics, machine learning, and many more in application today.
  • Fundamental Statistics: One of the foundations of the program, the statistics module teaches you how to look at various challenges as hypotheses, while at the same time giving you technical tools to test the hypotheses, just like you would in a scientific setting.
  • Python Programming: Python is used as the basis for the programming module. Candidates learn about various libraries, including Pandas and PyTidyLib (HTML Tidy interface), and how to develop, implement, and deploy machine learning models.
  • Machine Learning: The most important module consists of in-depth deep learning concepts with TensorFlow, along with guidance on how to build practical machine learning models with varying parameters.

It is a multidisciplinary course that’s designed to turn any candidate into a complete data science professional with both programming-oriented theoretical knowledge and practical visualizations and implications of data.

For more program info and to sign up for the course, visit The Data Science Course 2024 by Udemy.

4) Data Analyst Boot Camp – Springboard

Price: $5,500 (upfront) OR $1,100/month (for up to 6 months)
Duration: 6 months (at 15-20 hours a week)
Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Data Analyst Boot Camp by Springboard is a course designed to instill the capabilities required by a modern business analysis or data analysis candidate to land a job in either of the two faculties.

Delivering practical knowledge of readily applicable skills, the course takes you through the fundamentals of strategic thinking and problem-solving via data and with an analytical mindset.

The boot camp includes valuable insights from data and statistics experts at McKinsey, video lectures and explainers from Microsoft, as well as case studies on real-world instances from Harvard Business School.

Some of the things that candidates will learn within this course include:

  • Structured Thinking: This part of the course deals with developing an analytical mindset and framing structured thinking while observing a case or problem. Candidates will learn about several problem-solving processes and the HDEIP Framework.
  • Relating Data with SQL: An important segment of the program, this module teaches how databases work within data analyses, as well as how to manage and communicate within databases (via API interactions). You’ll also learn how to write within SQL databases and how to run Mode SQL.
  • Data Visualization with Python: This module will help instill Python skills, which work to separate the versatile data analysis experts from the basic data analysts. You will learn the basics of Python syntax, data cleaning, as well as visualizing trends and data.
  • Communicating Analysis: The final module will teach you how to present your data analysis to an audience of varying levels of familiarity with data structures, and who may only understand simple data visualization.

In addition to the knowledge, the boot camp comes with a money-back job guarantee for 6 months after completion of the course. This, coupled with the practical nature of the program makes it ideal for anyone planning to apply for a job directly after completing the course.

For more program info and to sign up for the course, visit Data Analyst Boot Camp by Springboard. The institute also offers payment plans for easy monthly payments.

5) Berkeley Data Analytics Bootcamp – UC Berkeley Extension

Price: $13,245 (one-time cost)
Duration: 24 weeks (part-time schedule)
Level: Intermediate-Advanced

The Berkeley Data Analytics Boot Camp is another course that prepares students for real-world data management problems and cases.

A career-focused program, Berkeley Data Analytics provides candidates with the technical skills and tools they will need to handle complex data problems while in the data analyst position. The program is geared towards helping candidates use data to make better business decisions.

Since it’s a practical course, during the 24 intensive weeks, you will learn several of the data science fixtures such as JavaScript (Leaflet.js), SQL, Python, and Hadoop (advanced module).

Here are some of the elements that candidates will focus on during the boot camp:

  • Specialized Data Science Skills: The course includes all the practical skill areas that any data analyst needs, including Intermediate Excel, programming and scripting languages (HTML/CSS), Git/Github, and statistics.
  • Business Intelligence Software: While learning how to manage and structure data into meaningful sets, candidates will also develop the ability to present data in an easily understandable form with the help of Tableau.
  • Front-End Visualization: One of the foundations of the course is learning how to visualize completed data sets on front-end programs for simpler visualization. Candidates will learn the fundamentals of several major programming areas such as Bootstrap, dashboarding, CSS, etc.
  • Big Data Analysis: The advanced segment of the course, this module will teach how to accumulate, store, and process massive quantities of data in a professional setting. You will also learn how to develop machine learning models to automate the collection and analysis of data.

The course curriculum is designed with current professionals in mind, however, students can also apply in case they have prior experience in the business analysis realm or if they have worked with data before. Furthermore, it can be used to upskill current junior data analysts and data science professionals.

For more program info and to sign up for the course, visit Berkeley Data Analytics Boot Camp by UC Berkeley Extension.

6) Online Data Analytics Course – General Assembly

Price: $3,950 (one-time) OR $206/month (for up to 18 months)
Duration: 1 week – 48 days (depending on timing plan)
Level: Beginner

The Online Data Analytics Course by General Assembly is a basic data arrangement and analysis course for beginners in the field of applied analytics.

It allows you to utilize industry-standard tools such as SQL, Excel, Tableau, and others to drive accurate and effective data analysis, while also allowing product owners and customers to visualize the data in a way that can be leveraged to make better business decisions.

The flexible course features some major data scientists and industry experts as instructors. They bring not only currently applicable skills and knowledge, but valuable insights into how the industry works today and which specific skills are the most valuable for recruiters.

Here are some of the elements that candidates will focus on during the boot camp:

  • Data Translation: The basis for the entire course is how to turn raw data into actionable insights for everyone that sees it. This is also one of the prime learning segments during the boot camp, with candidates delving deep into the analytics process, from collecting to visualizing data.
  • Data Transformation: Aside from simply translating data into a form that can be easily understood, the course teaches you how to take that simplified data and turn it into a tool for more effective decision-making.

In addition to the knowledge gained, candidates will have the opportunity to learn, work, and network with a global network of boot camp alumni, some of whom have become established as subject matter experts in the data science world.

For more program info and to sign up for the course, visit Online Data Analytics Course by General Assembly.

7) Data Analytics Certificate Course – BrainStation

Price: $3,250 (one-time)
Duration: 46 days (depending on the timing plan)
Level: Beginner

The Data Analytics Certificate Course by Brainstation offers an in-depth look into data analytics as part of a project-based course.

The course looks to enable professionals to analyze data, work with and manage databases of multiple sizes, and create engaging visualizations of completed data.

Since it’s a certificate course, candidates can expect to learn skills that will help them tackle a variety of data-related issues in the professional sphere.

Here’s what candidates will learn with this course:

  • Foundations of Data: This module will teach you how to sift through an excess of data, collect the most valuable data, and analyze it through an unbiased process that involves modern data processing techniques.
  • Managing Databases: The next part of the course will teach you the fundamentals of an online database, including how to fetch specific data from various parts of a large database, and how to manage the constant influx of data.
  • Data Presentation: Towards the end, you will find out how data can be presented to be highly effective in all scenarios.

To complete the course and earn the certificate, candidates will be required to complete a project based on real-world data analysis and presentation. The project emulates the standard tasks that certified candidates will perform at the relevant professional positions.

For more program info and to sign up for the course, visit Data Analytics Certificate Course by BrainStation.

How to Choose the Best Data Analytics Boot Camp Program?

As far as boot camps go, the ones mentioned on this list are the most beneficial for anybody who wants to learn the fundamentals of data science and make a career out of it.

Whether or not you have previous experience in data science or a related field, or even if you are a full-time student, these courses will impart some valuable skills and insight to

However, not all programs are equally helpful for every potential data science professional and it’s good to have a set of pointers that you can factor in when choosing an online program for yourself.

Here are some of the things to look for in a data analytics boot camp:

  • Technical Skills: The and validity of technical skills that the boot camp is delivering is a very important factor for choice. The course should consider the applicable skills that are in the highest demand, as well as a good range of skills that will complement each other in a professional setting.
  • Course Diversity: Depending on the specific purpose of the course, it should feature a wide range of subjects that the candidate can apply in the field. For example, a course that teaches UX/UI design from a web visualization context (D3.js, Tableau, etc.) should also preferably teach geomapping via Python programming.
  • Course Validity: The data revolution is not new and data analysts, as well as programs such as VBA, have been around for decades. However, modern data science jobs require specialized skills/skillsets in advanced database software (MongoDB, MySQL, etc.) and various data collection protocols such as ETL, Numpy, and Matplotlib for Python. In short, the course should feature content that’s valid for the time.
  • Course Depth: Not all data analytics are performed with high-level machine learning protocols in place. Some processes involve simple data sets in intermediate excel pivot tables which require enrolling in fundamental boot camps. It’s important to look at the requirements of the position you want and take a course that’s deep enough in terms of content, for that position.
  • Course Cost and Length: While the length of the course is not a significant factor for most people, it’s advised to go for a shorter course with very specific learning modules. Additionally, it shouldn’t be expensive to where it affects your overall budget. Boot camp-style programs are ideal for this sort of learning, given that they are of the right length and affordable.

In addition to these points, simply look for a program that offers basic career training for prevalent fields such as digital marketing, cybersecurity, healthcare research, etc.

Interested candidates can contact the admissions advisors at any of the institutes to help decide whether the course is right for them.

Ending Note

Regardless of which program you choose, you’re sure to build some definite career prospects from it.

While a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience will help your job prospects, a short course can provide you with some invaluable vocational skills and insights for the modern data science world.

The bottom line is that up-to-date knowledge will not just help you get a better job than you would with just a standard degree, but the credentials will help you progress in a position as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about data analytics boot camps:

Are data analytics boot camps worth it?

Data analytics boot camps are worth it when they are structured to provide you with the skills needed for your career. Not all boot camps offer real-world, practical data analytics training that will land you a job in this booming field.

How much is a data analytics boot camp?

The cost of a data analytics boot camp ranges from $0 to $25,000. The cost of a data analyst boot camp depends on your current skill level, how many weeks the class lasts and how in-demand it is where you live.

Which is the best data analytics boot camp?

The best data analytics boot camp is one that matches your current skill level and provides the skills needed for your career.

Which data analytics boot camp should I take?

If you want to become a data scientist, then a Python-focused course is necessary. If you are interested in becoming an analyst or BI developer, take a certification course that helps you learn the fundamental skills in this area.

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