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The Struggle: Why YOU Should Take This Course?

Early in your career, you can end up wasting months trying to learn more technical skills to break into a technical product role. Despite all of your hard work, you’ll always feel lost because:

  • You lack a formal background in computer science or software engineering.
  • The courses and bootcamps offered in the tech industry are either too technical and jargon-filled or lacked sufficient depth.
  • You’re not sure whether learning how to code and building a career in software engineering is right for you. Instead, you love the cross-functional skills that came with technical product management.
  • You don’t have insider tips nor the right technical resources on how to stand out as a candidate in tech PM interviews

To become more technical, we went down the rabbithole to understand what it takes to build successful tech products from the inside out. We interviewed thought-leaders within the industry. We learned the behaviors and habits of successful technical product managers. Empowered with this knowledge, we created the Technical Product Manager course so that no one else had to go through the painful experience that so many go through to become more technical and land their first product manager role.

What are you going to get from this course?

Over 140+ lectures, 15+ hours of content, 5+ downloadable Tech PM templates, and exclusive interviews (more added over time) with technical product managers in the industry.

  • Apply fundamentals learned from this course to your own TPM project every day.
  • Access to downloadable templates used by actual Tech Product Managers on the job.
  • Learn the process of answering the most popular TPM interview questions in order to stand out as a TPM candidate.
  • Earn an official certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Bonus Content

  • PMHQ is 100% committed to adding more BONUS course content and interviews with product leaders over time. You’ll also get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to all future content!
  • Access to the world’s first and largest Product Manager Slack community where you can meet, chat with, and learn from over 9,000+ product people around the globe. The community also features the world’s top product leaders like Ken Norton (Product Partner, Google Ventures), Punit Soni (Chief Product Officer of Flipkart & Advisor to Google), Josh Elman (Partner at Greylock Partners), Ellen Chisa (VP of Product at Lola), Brandon Chu (Senior Product Manager at Shopify), Lulu Cheng (Product Manager at Pinterest), Jess Lee (Former CEO of Polyvore), Nir Eyal (Author of Hooked), and others in our community for regular Q&A sessions.

Your Instructor

Dhaval Bhatt is a Product Management Leader who has spent 16 years as an engineer, founder, and product management leader. He previously founded an artificial intelligence company that won the IBM Global Entrepreneur Award, Google Spark Award, NVIDIA AI Inception Award, Strata-Hadoop Featured Data Startup, and Orielly Intel Featured AI startup before being acquired by the Berkeley Data Science Group. He’s been a Sr. Product Owner for Data and Growth / Acquisition at Lifelock and he’s currently a Product Manager at Microsoft. He’s also an Instructor at UC Berkeley leading their immersive Data Science program.

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Technical Product Manager Certification Course

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Course Curriculum

This course has no prerequisites and you do not need a technical background

  • You should NOT take this course if:

    • You are already an experienced technical product manager
    • You aren’t willing to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour every day for a month to complete course content and work on your PM projects
  • You SHOULD take this course if:

    • You are curious about technical product management and want to learn more about the role and responsibilities
    • You have no prior experience and you want to transition into a Technical Product Management role
    • You are trying to determine if the Technical PM role is right for you
    • You are beginning your career in tech or are making a career change

Enroll in Technical Product Manager Certification Course Today

Technical Product Manager Certification Course


Prateek Bhatnagar
Scrum Master
“The community connections are excellent; when you are stuck and need help, everyone is just a message away."
Victoria Naef Image
Victoria Naef
Growth Product Manager
"I took the course to get better at measuring results from implementing new features. I can confidently say it's helped me do just that.
The Product Company Logo
Alexa Szal
Product Manager
"This program allows me to finally gain a more holistic understanding of the back-end mechanics that are involved when managing software development - resulting in more strategic conversations with technical stakeholders and empowering more informed decision making."
Michal S., Lead Product Manager @ Pipedrive
Michal S
Lead Product Manager
"The explanations are clear and understandable, even if you don’t have any technical background. - 5/5 stars"
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What the Course Looks Like

Frequently Asked Questions

+ - What is Product HQ?

Product HQ is an independent PM community and certification center. Our community consists of some of the best established and upcoming product managers from around the world.

PMHQ organizes and administers the PMHQ Product Manager Certification program. This online course helps candidates develop a high-level understanding of PM fundamentals and prepares them for a career as a product manager.

Major publications such as Forbes, Product Hunt, Huffington Post, AlphaUX, and Mattermark have extensively covered our work. PMHQ also stands out as one of the top PM communities in the world, with global sponsors including Facebook, TechCrunch, Hired, SaaStr, Notion, Amplitude, and more.

+ - What are technical product management certification courses?

Technical product management certifications are credentials given to candidates who successfully complete a technical product management course with the knowledge of what technical product management is, the prime principles and practices of technical product management, and their implementation. Unfortunately, there is a clear lack of bona fide certification in the product management sphere, especially when it came to providing vocational training on how to operate as a modern technical product manager.
To address this issue, Product HQ features the PMHQ Technical PM Certification which provides all the theoretical technical PM knowledge, while also teaching software product roadmap development and strategic management techniques.

+ - How much does a technical product manager make a year?

According to June 2022 Glassdoor report, the average yearly salary of a technical product manager is $121,735.
There are a series of factors that influence the exact amount that a product manager earns. These include the specific salary package at a company, the professional’s level of experience, and their academic qualifications.
PM professionals with a product management certificate such as PMHQ’s PM Certification have a greater chance to reach or exceed the national average salary.

+ - What is the PMHQ Technical PM Certification?

The Technical PM Certification by Product HQ is a certification course that teaches technical PM fundamentals and takes you through the process of becoming a professional technical product manager.
In this course, you learn about the skills a modern technical PM professional needs to succeed in the industry as well as how to develop, launch, and market a successful product. You also find out how to market yourself as a viable applicant for technical product manager roles and land a job as a technical PM.

+ - How long does it take to complete PMHQ Certification courses?

Just like all of PMHQ’s courses, there is no set timeline or deadline to finish the Technical Product Manager course. Candidates are free to learn at their own pace. That said, the course is structured in such a way that if you dedicate two (2) hours a day to the course, you should be able to complete it within one (1) month.

+ - How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have free lifetime access to all of the content in the course for as long as you like across any and all devices you own.

+ - What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.