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The Product Manager Interview Process at Large Tech Companies

This is a guest post from our PMHQ Advisor, Fernando Delgado. Context I worked at Google for 5+ years, where I interviewed over 150 PM candidates. I then worked at Yahoo for 3 years, where I interviewed over 100 PM candidates. At Yahoo, I was a member of the hiring committee for 2 years and co-founded the APM program. So the observations below mainly apply to those 2 companies and the...
Product Career

How to Write a Data Science Product Manager Resume [+ Examples]

Interested in learning how to write a data science product manager resume? You’re in the right place! Becoming a product manager with a data science background is difficult, and that’s why it’s hard to find the right advice on writing a data science product manager resume.  Having such niche expertise ensures success in the job market. However, you still need to impress the hiring manager to get to that point. ...
Product Career

Group Product Manager vs. Principal Product Manager: What’s The Difference?

Curious to know how to advance your career as a long-term product manager as either s group product manager or principal product manager? Then look no further. Product managers are responsible for establishing a product’s vision and long-term business strategy while ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of said strategy. While it is a senior position, there are numerous career paths, such as Group Product Manager (GPM) and Principal Product...

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General Assembly Product Management Review: Is it worth it?

Product management is increasingly becoming an in-demand skill. Various institutes and product schools, such as the General Assembly product management courses, offer a great way to specialize in this area and become a product manager. That being said, General Assembly’s product management courses aren’t the only options you can pick. This raises a question – are the product management courses offered by General Assembly even worth it? To that end,...

Berkeley Product Management Review: Is It Worth it?

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to run your own startup or a marketing trainee looking to excel in the trade, product management would be a critical skill in your arsenal. Many institutes and platforms offer specialized programs and bootcamps – one of which is the Berkeley product management program – that can certify you for this skill. However, with so many in-person and online courses/programs out there, are...

Stanford Product Management Review: Is it Worth it?

Product management is a fast-developing discipline. With the need for fresh and improved talent increasing, product managers have never needed to up their game more. Luckily, programs, such as the Stanford product management from Stanford University, are providing managers with the knowledge and credentials they need. The Stanford product management program is great, but is it really worth it – especially since there are so many other online communities and...

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Best 10 Product Management Software 2023: Reviews and Pricing

Modern product management is all about cutting out redundancies, making processes smarter, and more efficient. With automation and machine learning taking over legacy systems, more and more product teams are having to adapt to new operational methods. This is where product management software comes in. From tracking tasks to keeping time, and even identifying redundant processes, product management software has revolutionized how teams approach building and launching. In this article, we’ll go over the 10 best product management software and their pricing, as well...

11 Best Product Roadmap Software 2023: Reviews and Pricing

Having a comprehensive and effective product roadmap can mean the difference between the best products and a complete market failure. That’s where modern product roadmap software comes in. Almost every product roadmap software out there can contribute towards the greater product plan and its success. However, the question arises as to which product roadmap software will be the best for your product goals. In this article, we’ll take a look...

Best Product Management Tools in 2023[Review]

We compiled this official guide based on conversations with hundreds of product managers in our PMHQ community who revealed the most popular product management tools and product management tools that they currently use on the job. 64 Best Product Management Tools 2023 The following are the best tools for product management according to their main functions. They are divided into different categories such as collaboration, product roadmap, product management, etc. Product Management...

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What is Agile?

Maintaining Feature Parity Across Platforms

In the PMHQ Slack community, we regularly get thought-provoking questions that we feel should be explored in-depth and documented for future reference. We’re starting a new set of Q&A posts to dive into these kinds of questions, and enable everyone in the community to revisit the answers and contribute further! “For the first time, I’m working on a product that spans multiple platforms (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chrome). What are...
What is Agile?

What is the Waterfall Model?

Interested in learning about the most traditional and foundational software development processes? The waterfall methodology is a linear project management approach that has been used for about 50 years now. In the waterfall model, stakeholder and customer product requirements are collected at the beginning of the project, and then sequential phases are created to accommodate those requirements. Let’s take a better look at what the waterfall method is: What is...
What is Agile?

How to Create a Kanban Project with Jira Software [Tutorial]

Looking to create a Kanban project with Jira software?  Then you’ve come to the right place. As an agile project management tool, the Kanban methodology offers visual signals that help teams manage work. In 2002, Jira Software made its debut, giving organizations access to project management tools that streamline the planning and execution processes, providing maximum value for the Kanban development team. In this Jira tutorial, we give you a...

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