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Product Career

How to Become a Startup Product Manager without Experience

Startup Product managers are in charge of setting up the foundation for product management at a new company. Since product development is such a lucrative field, this is a crucial role for the company. According to Airfocus, an optimized product manager boosts profitability and sales, by 34.2 percent for a corporation. That said, while startup product managers are in demand, many prospective professionals still have difficulty figuring out how to...
Product Career

How to Become a Data Science Product Manager Without Experience

Data science product managers are in heavy demand today more than they have ever been. Thanks to new and emerging technologies, huge amounts of data are being processed, analyzed, and utilized every day. Now, businesses rely on data science professionals to interpret, understand, and manage that data. Much like an AI product manager, a data science product manager is the person in charge of overseeing and managing data science and...
Product Career

How to Become a Principal Product Manager Without Experience

Now more than ever, being a principal product manager is a job title that most product professionals aspire to attain. Product management has established itself as one of the leading fields for career development today. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a product manager is $155,611 as of 2024. Principal product managers are among the most senior roles in the product development process. Therefore, the expected salary increase inspires...

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Best 10 Product Management Software 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Modern product management is all about cutting out redundancies, making processes smarter, and more efficient. With automation and machine learning taking over legacy systems, more and more product teams are having to adapt to new operational methods. This is where product management software comes in. From tracking tasks to keeping time, and even identifying redundant processes, product management software has revolutionized how teams approach building and launching. In this article, we’ll go over the 10 best product management software and their pricing, as well...

11 Best Product Roadmap Software 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Having a comprehensive and effective product roadmap can mean the difference between the best products and a complete market failure. That’s where modern product roadmap software comes in. Almost every product roadmap software out there can contribute towards the greater product plan and its success. However, the question arises as to which product roadmap software will be the best for your product goals. In this article, we’ll take a look...

Best Product Management Tools in 2024[Review]

We compiled this official guide based on conversations with hundreds of product managers in our PMHQ community who revealed the most popular product management tools and product management tools that they currently use on the job. 64 Best Product Management Tools 2024 The following are the best tools for product management according to their main functions. They are divided into different categories such as collaboration, product roadmap, product management, etc. Product Management...

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