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What Does a Facebook Product Manager Do?

The most important jobs at Facebook include Product management and product development. These niches come with sensitive responsibilities and undertakings. As a result, the average Facebook product manager plays a vital role in the company’s hierarchy.

Product manager jobs at larger companies such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon are very dynamic. Product managers can be involved in a variety of unique projects—they’re often subject to a family of apps, software, and products. Therefore, product managers at tech companies like Facebook are much more qualified and knowledgeable.

In this article, we’ll see what the average Facebook product manager job description looks like. We’ll also dive into the roles and responsibilities of Facebook product managers.

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What does a Facebook Product Manager do?

Facebook product managers work with entire teams of product designers and world-class engineers to build products. These products can include social products, external projects, and even mock-ups.

They consistently work with software engineers, product teams, data scientists, and marketing experts. They also bring people in to fill key positions for effective product development.

Facebook is a different kind of company—their products are unique and require a unique approach to product management. As a result, PMs have to do more than manage product development, they also drive execution and product strategy.

Full-time Facebook product managers have to develop innovative product initiatives using usability studies. Meanwhile, they have to follow the product requirements set by the company. If a new product design comes on, Facebook product managers have to build consensus.

The product managers have to make sure to retain their competitive position. Achieving that position requires many trade-offs involved with new product ideas.

Furthermore, Facebook product managers also make sure the product roadmap is being followed. They coordinate with product owners and analysts to ensure everything is on track.

Another major part of their job is to manage product marketing, along with product marketing managers. Product managers are more involved with budgeting.

One additional factor that makes a huge difference in what a product manager does is where their office is—it also makes a massive difference in the product manager’s salary.

For example, a Facebook PM role working in Menlo Park or San Francisco will earn more and have more responsibilities than someone working in the New York City or Seattle offices.

Lastly, Facebook product managers also need to have a Bachelor’s degree and experience with social products and technology.

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Facebook Product Manager Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of product managers tend to vary based on several factors. These factors can include the type of product (such as the news feed), and how many years of experience they have, and can even be affected by the work-life balance.

While there may be minor adjustments to the product manager role, the general responsibilities tend to remain constant.

1. Varying Duties w.r.t Different Roles

Product manager roles often differ according to things such as site integrity, growth, and timeline. While responsibilities are similar, the process of carrying out those responsibilities is different.

For example, product managers for site integrity tend to focus on removing fake users and try to develop ways to use them more appropriately. They monitor internal systems and track undesirable behavior.

Alternatively, product managers focused on growth tend to develop strategies on how to get more people on Facebook. They run several small experiments and projects to check what works.

Some product managers need to be data-oriented, while others have to be design-oriented. Therefore, the role the product managers are associated with plays a big part in how they do their jobs.

2. Different Roles Depending on the Stage of a Project

Each product or project has several stages it goes through. Facebook product managers are often brought on for different stages rather than the entire roadmap. The product managers are tasked with a specific task or issue.

For example, is having more post-targeting options more important than post-scheduling options? Product managers typically have to answer such questions by conducting experiments to determine what’s better.

After the specifics are set, the management part comes on. At that point, product managers coordinate with other teams to launch the product.

3. Interacting with Cross Functional Teams

Facebook product managers play a central role in a massive product team. The typical product team at Facebook includes:

  • Engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Designers
  • Product specialists
  • Analysts
  • Product marketing manager
  • Product manager

The Facebook product manager is responsible for making sure each person in the product team pulls their weight.

The engineers are responsible for all the coding and development while the engineering managers take of resource allocation. Product managers typically work with engineering managers to make sure they have everything they need.

The designers tend to make sure the product is received positively. Meanwhile, the analyst is responsible for collecting the data needed to make the necessary changes. All of these processes are managed and coordinated by the product manager.

Product specialists work in tandem with quality assurance teams to make sure that products are free of bugs and issues. The product manager oversees the entire process and has to make sure everything is taken of.

Finally, the product marketing manager is responsible for communicating with the marketing, sales, and ad departments. They also manage market research and are responsible for developing effective marketing strategies. Product managers work closely with product marketing managers to complete all these tasks.

4. Managing the Review Process

At any given time, there are hundreds of projects going on that require the product manager’s attention. The most important responsibility of a Facebook product manager is to make sure everything is running smoothly.

All projects require some collaboration, and the product manager needs to develop a communication system for it. Furthermore, they have to make sure that everyone has the resources they need.

Facebook product managers have to review each project and product they’re involved with. If it’s a bigger project, they have to make sure they get approval from higher-ups for any major decisions.

Facebook Product Manager Job Description

The product manager job description is not that different from the average product manager job description. The difference is mainly industry-based and due to guidelines and policies.

Most product managers are required to have a basic understanding of software, social products, and Internet services. Therefore, product managers need a specific set of skills along with their product management experience and knowledge.

Here’s what a typical product manager job description looks like.

Facebook product managers work closely with top engineers and designers to build innovative products. We’re looking for innovative product managers with an entrepreneurial spirit who can execute and enact complex product initiatives. 

The product manager will have to master ideation, technical development, and will be involved with the launch of innovative products. You will also be responsible for building a shared vision of the product and will have to communicate it with all relevant stakeholders. 

You’ll be driving product development, will conduct market research, and analyze product success metrics. The product manager will have to master ideation, technical development, and will be involved with the launch of innovative products. You will also be responsible for building a shared vision of the product and will have to communicate it with all relevant stakeholders. 

You’ll be driving product development, will conduct market research, and analyze product success metrics. You’ll then have to use that data and ’s competitive and strategic position to deliver better products.

Keep in mind that the product manager interview will test everything mentioned above. Additionally, recruiters tend to include questions about product sense, product marketing, and other product-based questions.

Becoming a Facebook Product Manager

Becoming an effective product manager is already a hard task, it requires you to be even more skilled and knowledgeable than its regular counterpart.

While experience is a necessity, you need the right experience with specific social products and projects.

Each Facebook product manager has a slightly different role and has to apply their product management experience differently. As a result, you should be ready to work on unique projects and products.

It may seem like a ton of responsibility or a massive workload, but becoming a Facebook product manager is extremely rewarding—both career-wise and financially.


Here are answers to the questions that aspiring Facebook product managers frequently ask:

What does a Facebook product manager do?

A Facebook product manager defines product strategy, oversees development, and ensures alignment with user needs and business goals. They analyze data to optimize product performance and user engagement. They collaborate with engineering, design, and marketing teams to build and launch new features.

How to become a PM at Meta?

To become a Product Manager at Meta, you need a strong background in product management, ideally with experience in data science and tech companies. You need skills in UX design, data analysis, user research, and project management, along with a demonstrated ability to lead a cross-functional team. Applying through Meta’s career portal and networking within the industry can also increase your chances.

How do I get to Facebook product manager?

To become a Facebook product manager, gain relevant experience in product management, ideally in the tech industry. Develop skills in data analysis, UX design, and project management. Tailor your resume to highlight leadership, cross-functional collaboration, and successful product launches. Network within the industry, and apply through Meta’s career portal.

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