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What is the Average Ecommerce Product Manager Salary?

Ecommerce product management is a rising career path as eCommerce stores pop up around the world. As online stores grow into full-fledged product marketplaces, the demand for ecommerce product managers is increasing too.

However, the salary ranges for an eCommerce PM job vary according to the industry and niche. In any case, according to Glassdoor, the average eCommerce product manager salary in the US is $121,741.

However, the salary range is between $53,000 and $288,000 with some people listing their salaries as high as $634,000. The broad range is due to various factors including the industry, location, education, expertise, and whether the PM has a direct stake in the store.

Salaries along the Ecommerce Product Manager Career Path

A good way to understand eCommerce salary estimates is to look at how they progress along their career path.

It’s safe to say that with seniority, the average salary also increases. However, every business and company has its compensation packages.

The following is a typical career path for an eCommerce product manager who starts as a typical product manager.

1. Product Manager

The average product manager salary in the US is $119,904.

Product managers don’t need advanced degrees to start their careers. Many product managers transition into product management by attending PM boot camps and completing relevant certifications. However, they start in an entry-level role like the associate product manager job.

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After at least a couple of years in an entry-level position, they move on to the product manager role. Furthermore, having an advanced degree like an MBA helps skip entry-level roles and tends to fetch higher salaries.

That’s why, according to Glassdoor, product manager salaries range between $53,000 and $279,000. On top of that, product manager salaries and eCommerce product manager salaries are, for the most part, similar.

After some experience with product management, PMs tend to specialize in an industry or niche. That’s when a PM transitions into an eCommerce product manager.

2. Ecommerce Product Manager

The average eCommerce product manager salary in the US is $121,741.

Ecommerce product managers have to make sure eCommerce sites run well. That also includes taking customer insights like demands and feedback into account.

Therefore, the product they’re responsible for is the entire website. There are several layers to such a product and it also explains why eCommerce PM salaries can have a wide range.

Their salaries depend on the size of the eCommerce site, their competitors, and overall volume and traffic.

At the basic level, eCommerce product managers develop the product ecommerce strategy, collaborate with relevant teams, and conduct regular market research. On top of that, they have to maintain the website (and app’s) functionality, ensuring a good user experience.

That means eCommerce product managers need adequate knowledge of product management, the eCommerce model, and UX.

3. Senior Ecommerce Product Manager

The average senior eCommerce product manager’s salary in the US is $169,954.

Furthermore, according to Glassdoor, the average salary range is between $79,000 and $378,000.

You can expect a senior eCommerce product manager to at least have five years of experience in their field. The expected salary of a senior eCommerce PM depends on the same factors with the addition of overall experience managing eCommerce stores.

Furthermore, companies expect PMs to have adequate knowledge of eCommerce business methodologies, marketing, and other aspects. Furthermore, at this point, they also expect you to have expertise in a specific industry.

For example, eCommerce product managers in the clothing industry may earn less on average compared to an eCommerce manager or PM in the electronics or retail industry.

4. VP of Product/Ecommerce Director

The average VP of product salary in the US is $229,774. The salary range is between $107,000 and $512,000.

Alternatively, the average eCommerce director salary in the US is $221,047. The salary range is between $123,000 and $405,000.

At this point, the job title can vary according to the organizations and their hierarchical structures. You may also find other related job titles, such as account director, brand manager, or director of marketing and product.

It’s a director-level or executive role that answers to the top management. They manage high-level strategy, product vision, and goals.

On top of that base salary, such jobs also include annual bonuses, stock options, and profit-sharing in their total compensation.

Ecommerce Product Manager Salaries based on Locations

Your location plays a massive role in determining your overall pay because of two reasons:

  • Cost of Living – Every company takes the cost of living into account when offering a salary. Employers have to take taxes, rent, utilities, and grocery costs of the area. That’s why you’ll always see higher salaries in the San Francisco Bay Area compared to Chicago or even New York.
  • Demand for the Role – The second reason is the overall demand for the job in the location. If the overall demand for eCommerce product managers is higher than the supply, the salaries are bound to be higher. Alternatively, if there’s an excess supply of eCommerce PMs but not enough jobs in the market, the salaries tend to drop.

For that reason in the US, eCommerce product manager salaries are highest in major metro areas. Especially cities where there’s a lot of business investment such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

The following is a summary of location-based pay for eCommerce PMs.

1. US East

Average median salaries for eCommerce PMs in the highest-paying cities on the US East Coast (with the cost of living estimate).

  • New York: $124,184 (129% higher than the national average)
  • Philadelphia: $126,023 (17% higher than the national average)
  • Boston: $123,163 (48% higher than the national average)

The average cost of living on the East Coast is higher than the national average.

2. US West

Average median salaries on the US West Coast.

  • San Francisco: $134,719 (80% higher than the national average)
  • Los Angeles: $125,878 (43% higher than the national average)
  • San Jose: $128,490 (49% higher than the national average)

The West Coast’s cost of living is the highest in the US.

3. US South

Average median salaries in the South.

  • Houston: $122,933 (2% lower than the national average)
  • Atlanta: $122,186 (1% lower than the national average)
  • Nashville: $127,711 (3% lower than the national average)

The cost of living in the South is usually lower than the national average.

4. US Midwest

Average median salaries in the Midwest.

  • Salt Lake City: $119,411 (6% lower than the national average)
  • Chicago: $129,435 (23% higher than the national average)
  • Minneapolis: $129,885 (5% higher than the national average)

The cost of living in the Midwest varies on the state.

5. Global Salaries

Ecommerce product manager salaries vary a lot depending on each country. For example, eCommerce PM salaries in Asia are much lower compared to those in Europe.

The following are some average salaries for eCommerce product managers in various countries around the world.

  • United Kingdom: £52,000
  • France: €80,000
  • Germany: €52,000
  • Spain: €58,000
  • Australia: $70,000
  • New Zealand: NZ$82,500
  • Netherlands: €74,000
  • Switzerland: 150,000 CHF

As for the cost of living, Switzerland, Australia, and Scandinavian countries top the list.

Ecommerce Product Manager Salaries based on Education

While many eCommerce product managers have college degrees, some of them don’t. While education impacts salaries, it more so impacts your chances of landing a job.

However, many people tend to transition from existing careers to product management. For that, they enroll in product manager boot camps, get certifications, and complete courses.

1. College Degrees

A degree in product management is not necessary to thrive in the industry. A business, finance, or computer science degree can also help you.

For example, having web development skills can count a lot for an eCommerce product manager. Having the right set of analytical and technical skills can also guarantee a promotion.

You can enroll in dedicated digital product management degrees in some universities. Others offer specialized MBAs in product management.

As for salaries, eCommerce product managers with undergraduate degrees don’t have an edge. However, the ones with advanced degrees like an MBA do have the power to negotiate for a much higher salary.

On average, around 55% of eCommerce product managers have a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, around 44% have a Master’s degree.

2. Courses and Certifications

For product managers who change careers, the overall experience level matters a lot. Experienced employees can explore PM courses, boot camps, and certifications to build relevant skills.

Currently, many colleges like Georgetown University and UC Berkeley offer digital product management courses and boot camps.

However, they tend to be expensive. Alternatively, you can attend product manager boot camps and certifications at dedicated organizations, such as Product HQ.

If you have certifications from the right sources, you can negotiate for a good salary. If you couple that with the right experience and expertise, you can aim for an above-average salary.

Ecommerce Product Manager Salaries based on Industries

Not all industries offer the same eCommerce product manager salaries. Some fast-growing industries like the retail industry offer a higher salary than low-growth industries.

That’s why carving out a niche is crucial to getting good salaries. If you have a lot of expertise in a certain field, companies are willing to pay extra to have you on board.

The following are some industries where eCommerce product managers earn the most.

  • Retail Industry: $121,000
  • Banking and Finance: $111,000
  • Health and Insurance: $122,000
  • Luxury Products: $110,000
  • Logistics and Transportation: $70,000
  • Apparel Industry: $95,000
  • Technology: $130,000+
  • Information Technology: $110,000

The highest-paying industry for eCommerce product managers is the tech industry.

The following are some typical salaries in well-known companies.

  • Amazon: $170,000
  • Google: $105,000
  • HSBC: $125,000
  • Microsoft: $150,000
  • Facebook: $140,000
  • AT&T: $115,000

Some of these companies may use eCommerce manager as the job title. You can expect each company to have its custom job titles. Therefore, you might find some eCommerce product manager salaries under different names.

Key Takeaways

Product management is growing to be one of the best-paying jobs. Couple that with the rise in eCommerce stores and you have a lucrative career opportunity.

Currently, the tech industry offers the highest-paying eCommerce PM jobs. However, trends change, and industries evolve.

Therefore, keep an eye out for up-and-coming industries and select your specialization according to them.


Here are answers to your questions regarding ecommerce product managers:

What is an ecommerce product manager?

An ecommerce product manager is responsible for the development and optimization of online retail products and platforms. This role involves collaborating with cross-functional teams, conducting market research, and analyzing data to inform product strategy and decision-making. They work on creating and enhancing features that improve user experience, drive sales, and meet business goals.

What is the highest salary in ecommerce?

The highest salaries in ecommerce are often seen in executive roles such as Chief Product Officer (CPO) or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Total compensation packages, including bonuses and stock options, can push these figures significantly higher. These positions can command annual salaries well over $300,000, especially in large, successful companies.

How much do ecommerce product managers make in the US?

Ecommerce product managers in the US typically earn between $110,000 and $160,000 annually. Salaries can vary based on experience, location, and the size of the company, with higher figures seen in major tech hubs or large ecommerce companies.

What is the salary of a high-level product manager?

High-level product managers, such as senior or principal product managers, can earn substantial salaries, reflecting their experience and responsibilities. In the US, these professionals typically earn between $150,000 and $200,000 per year. At top-tier companies or in leadership roles, total compensation packages can exceed $250,000 when including bonuses, stock options, and other benefits.

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