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What is the Average SaaS Product Manager Salary?

Learn the average salary of a SaaS product manager in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

There’s no denying that we’re amidst a digital and technological age. This means that in today’s digital landscape, it’s no surprise to learn that any skills pertaining to software and tech development are sought-after by modern employers.

For the longest time, software engineering and design were amongst the highest paying jobs in Silicon Valley. But since 2016, software product management has become the highest-grossing job in the industry.

Whether we’re discussing a major corporation like Google or much smaller companies, today’s brands are shifting their focus from analog to digital. Job positions such as software product management are here to stay.

So when we consider both the demand and the pay grade, a career as a SaaS product manager is a worthy endeavor.

But how much do SaaS product managers make? Is additional cash compensation sometimes available? Does location affect the salary of a SaaS product manager?

Below, we look at the average salary of a SaaS product manager, including wages from the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.

What Is A SaaS Product Manager? What Do They Do?

There are many duties and tasks involved in being a SaaS product manager. However, in general, the role of a SaaS product manager is to oversee the production of any new software products created by their employer, from the initial conception to the market launch.

Furthermore, a SaaS product manager also oversees any future changes to their products, including software updates, bug fixes, and beta testing.

When it all boils down, a SaaS product manager is in charge of a software product’s entire lifecycle from end to end.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in and look at how much a SaaS product manager earns. Please note that all of the salary information we collect stems from Zippia data as of April 2024. 

SaaS Product Manager National Average Salary Ranges

On average, a SaaS product manager in the United States has a median salary of just over $135,000 per year. We break this figure down even further and say that, on average, a SaaS product manager earns $65 per hour.

On the other hand, not all software product manager roles are equal.

For instance, an entry-level software product manager’s salary is much lower at an average of $98,000 per year or the equivalent of $47 per hour.

Whereas, when we get into the 75th percentile, the average salary for a software product manager is closer to $159,000, $13,250 per month, or a wage of $76 per hour.

Furthermore, the 90th percentile of software product managers earns rather impressive salaries of as much as $200,000 per year (including bonuses and other benefits).

The total average compensation for SaaS product managers in the 90th percentile is $185,000 per year. This staggering figure works out to a monthly payment of $15,417 or a wage of $89 per hour.

Location-Based Salary Info For SaaS Product Managers

Depending on location, the average salary for a SaaS product manager varies.

To help give you a better idea of what SaaS product managers earn, let’s take a deeper look into some location-based salary information from around the world.

SaaS Product Manager Salaries In Canada

Although Canada isn’t known as a hub for software development, there’s no denying that a great deal of technology comes from the there. For SaaS product managers living and working in Canada, the average product manager salary is $88,000 CAD per year or $42 CAD per hour.

On the lower end of this average, Canadian SaaS product managers earn $60,000 CAD per year, and on the upper end, salaries are closer to $129,000 CAD.

SaaS Product Manager Salaries In The United Kingdom

When we make our way into the United Kingdom, entry-level positions for SaaS product managers start at £46,154 per year. Whereas more experienced UK product managers earn up to £70,000 per year.

Put another way, this means that most SaaS product managers in the UK, on average, earn £55,000 per year or £28.21 per hour.

SaaS Product Manager Salaries In China

In China, a product manager working for a software company earns an average salary of ¥10,400,000 per year or ¥200,000 per week. And although that sounds like a millionaire’s salary, these figures equate to a mere $82,500 USD per year.

SaaS Product Manager Salaries In Germany

In Germany and other continental European countries, the average salary for a SaaS product manager is €66,000 per year. This is the equivalent of a salary of $71,400 USD.

SaaS Product Manager Salaries In India

In India, the average salary for SaaS product managers is somewhere ₹2,800,000 or the equivalent of $37,000 USD.

Related Job Titles Average Base Pay

There are also many other relevant positions in SaaS product management. Each one has its own pay rate per hour and annual salary.

This is good for younger workers and those just graduating from college. It shows that aside from working as a SaaS product manager, there are many other relevant jobs in the industry and plenty of room to grow.

Let’s take a look at a few related jobs:

  • SaaS senior product manager
  • Associate product manager
  • Chief product officer
  • Senior product marketing manager
  • Senior product managers
  • Software product team lead

Factors That Influence SaaS Product Manager Salaries

The salaries we’ve covered are generalized figures of what a SaaS product manager makes. However, it’s essential to realize that many external factors influence potential earnings.

Company’s Size And Market Cap

For instance, company size is a determining factor that influences management’s decision on how much they pay their product managers per hour or per year.

As you might guess, smaller companies have smaller, more limited budgets. This means that the base salary for a SaaS product manager at a smaller company is also lower.

On the other hand, for those working at larger companies in the tech industry, such as Google or Microsoft, salaries are higher while also offering better benefits, bonuses, and additional cash compensation.

SaaS product managers working at companies such as Google, Slack, Microsoft, and Uber sometimes earn well over $200,000 per year.

Previous Roles And Experience

At the same time, previous work experience is another major factor influencing potential salary.

For example, the longer an individual has been working in the tech industry or a related field, the higher their median salary. Furthermore, any relevant formal education or product management certifications an individual has also plays a big part in determining their compensation.

On the other hand, those seeking entry-level positions find themselves on the lower end of the salary spectrum. In the United States, an entry-level position, on average, earns $98,000 per year.

In contrast to this, more tenured, senior product managers make double that amount.

Sector And Industry

Aside from the size of the company and the individual’s prior work experience, the industry sector also influences the pay of a SaaS product manager.

For instance, some sectors, such as cybersecurity or communications, are more competitive than others, such as retail or consumer-based industries. In turn, this means that companies operating in more competitive, relevant sectors offer better compensation.

City, Region, And Country

Location is another major factor influencing a SaaS product manager’s pay rate or annual salary.

However, location-based changes in salaries aren’t limited to different countries. And even within the United States itself, a SaaS product manager earns a different salary depending on the location.

For instance, the average compensation for a SaaS product manager in New York, NY, pays $138,500 per year or $66 per hour. Whereas the same position in San Francisco, CA, on average, pays $169,000 or $81 per hour, and in San Jose, CA, the average salary is closer to $167,000 or $80 per hour.

SaaS Product Manager Additional Cash Compensation

By now, it’s easy to see that, for those with the relevant skills and education, a career as a SaaS product manager is a lucrative one. On top of that, many software and tech companies offer additional cash compensation, such as bonuses or other financial incentives for suitable candidates.

But the annual salaries and pay per hour of SaaS product managers aren’t just admirable.
There’s also a growing demand for individuals with these skills everywhere.

So whether you’re a senior product manager and looking for a job in a new field or a tech-savvy college graduate looking to take on the world, a career as a SaaS product manager is a great choice!

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Josh Fechter
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