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Google Product Manager Salary: What is the Average?

Product managers in every industry tend to be well-compensated for their services. However, internet-based tech companies usually have the highest salaries. The Google product manager’s salary, for example, is relatively higher than the national average.

Google hires the best of the best when it comes to product managers. While they don’t consider Bachelor’s degrees or any other form of degree a necessity, it certainly helps. Google product managers tend to have vast experience in computer science, software engineering, and software development.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the responsibilities of a Google product manager and what the average Google product manager’s salary is.

Let’s take a look.

Google Product Manager Average Base Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for a Google product manager in the United States is $159,493.

That brings the average hourly wage for a Google product manager to $76.70. There are approximately 900 Google product managers in Google offices.

Furthermore, additional cash compensation is approximately $39,985, on average. This additional cash compensation includes cash bonuses, stock bonuses, commission sharing, and any tips that may be involved.

When you combine both of these figures, the annual Google product manager salary amounts to $199,478.

According to salary data, the highest product manager salary in Google can be found in San Francisco (Silicon Valley), where the annual mean wage is $238,000, with an hourly wage of $114.4. Following San Francisco, Google product managers are paid the most in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Seattle, Boston, and New York, respectively.

Is there a Gender Disparity in how much a Senior Product Manager makes?

Based on several reviews on PayScale, there is no clear gender-based pay gap in Google product manager jobs. The total compensation primarily depends on the individual’s experience and the location.

The gender breakdown is as follows:

  • Female Product Marketing Managers: 31.6%
  • Male Product Marketing Managers: 63.2%
  • Self-Defining Product Marketing Managers: 5.3%

The total pay depends a lot on an individual’s experience and how many years they’ve spent at Google. The products they manage matter a lot and the location of the Google office plays a role, as well. The average salary is often calculated based on these factors, while bonuses and benefits tend to remain the same.

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What are the Salary Ranges for Google Product Managers Salaries?

Google has hundreds of different products that require very different types of product managers. As a result, the Google product manager’s salary range is rather extensive.

The Google product manager’s salary ranges from $44,000 to $270,000.

However, most salaries tend to be the national average. Typically, most Google product managers have significant experience in their field, and as a result, their wages are above the average salary.

Similarly, the average additional cash compensation also varies based on several factors. The typical range for the additional cash compensation is $32,000 to $135,000.

Average Google Product Manager Salary Range Concerning Years of Experience

The following lists the change in the average salary and salary ranges concerning the years of experience a Google product manager has in their field.

  • 0-1 Years of Experience: The typical starting base salary for entry-level Google product managers is $156,354, and the salary ranges from $82,000 to $251,000.
  • 1-3 Years of Experience: The average salary of $146,770 is lower than the previous one. The typical salary range also decreases, ranging from $82,000 to $204,000.
  • 4-6 Years of Experience: With a significant bump, the average salary is $160,913. The salary ranges from $102,000 to $249,000.
  • 7-9 Years of Experience: With a slight bump, the average is at $165,158, and the salary range is $132,000 to $210,000.
  • 10-14 Years of Experience: This level of experience gets you an average salary of $195,642, and the salary range is usually $158,000 to $240,000.
  • 15+ Years of Experience: Google product managers with more than 15 years of experience get an average salary of $195,253, and the typical salary range is from $120,000 to $271,000.

Most Google product managers have more than ten years of experience. As a result, the average with that level of experience is similar to the national average.

Average Product Manager Salaries of other Enterprises

To get a better idea of how well Google pays, you can compare the Google product manager’s salary with the salaries of other companies.

Here are some product manager salaries of other major companies:

  1. Microsoft Product Manager Salary: The average total pay is approximately $131,000.
  2. Facebook Product Manager Salary: pays an average total of $181,000 to its product managers.
  3. Amazon Product Manager Salary: Their average total pay is around $121,000.
  4. Product Manager Salary: Product managers earn around $158,000 per year.
  5. Uber Product Manager Salary: Uber pays its product managers an average total salary of $145,000.

It’s safe to say that compared to other major companies, the Google product manager’s salary is the highest.

Is the Google Product Manager Salary Enough?

The Google product manager’s salary is not only more than the average product manager’s salary but also more than what other major companies offer.

You can compare Google product manager salaries with the salaries offered by other companies on sites like Glassdoor, PayScale, and You can compare salaries in different cities, states, and even positions. You’ll find that in some cases, the average Google product manager earns more than a Director of Product Management in other companies.

It’s safe to say that the Google product manager salary is one of the best salaries you can get as a product manager.

What does a Google Product Manager do?

Google product managers are responsible for taking care of all Google-based products and their respective product teams. They’re often considered software product managers within the company. For that reason, most Google product managers are also software engineers.

Google often assigns group product managers to each product or company. They usually work alongside other experts such as:

The primary duty of a Google product manager is to manage software product development. They help develop communication channels between internal product teams and external parties. They also coordinate with the marketing and sales teams to adjust and follow the product strategy.

The product manager’s job also involves prioritizing tasks and requirements to ensure that the development process is smooth. They have to conduct extensive market research on user experience using hundreds of data points. The user data helps implement the necessary changes for providing a better customer experience.

They’re also responsible for developing the necessary strategies for any new products and services. The product managers continuously work with new technologies and processes to make sure teams are up to date with everything.

The average Google employee typically doesn’t need any prior education as long as they can prove themselves. However, Google product managers are usually required to have formal education or certifications from respected institutes.

Furthermore, Google product managers also have to develop effective pricing strategies that maximize market share and profit.

Lastly, every Google PM has to go through rigorous training so they can work according to Google’s guidelines. Therefore, there’s a certain level of differentiation in how a Google product manager works compared to the other product manager or associate product manager.


Here are answers to the questions regarding Google product managers:

How much does a Product Manager make at Google?

A Product Manager at Google typically earns a competitive salary, reflecting the company’s leading position in the tech industry. On average, base salaries range from $120,000 to $160,000 annually. With bonuses and stock options, total compensation can exceed $200,000 per year.

How much does a Google L7 PM make?

A Level 7 (L7) Product Manager at Google is a senior role that commands a high salary. Base salaries for L7 PMs generally range from $300,000 to $350,000 annually. Including bonuses and stock options, total compensation can reach $400,000 to $500,000 or more.

How much does a Google L5 PM make?

A Level 5 (L5) Product Manager at Google typically earns a base salary ranging from $160,000 to $200,000 annually. With bonuses and stock options, total compensation can reach $250,000 to $300,000 per year. This level reflects a mid to senior-level position within the company.

Is it hard to be a Product Manager at Google?

Becoming a Product Manager at Google is highly competitive and challenging due to the company’s rigorous selection process. Candidates need a strong background in product management, technical expertise, and exceptional problem-solving skills. The role demands high performance and the ability to manage complex projects, but it offers significant rewards and career growth opportunities.

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