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How to Write a Group Product Manager Cover Letter [+ Examples]

If you’re wondering how to write a group product manager (GPM) cover letter, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how to create the best cover letter and provide examples to help you along the way.


What is a Group Product Manager Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a single-page of formal introduction. Applicants attach this document to a resume or curriculum vitae and give it to a hiring manager during a job interview.

This cover letter introduces you to an employer and includes additional information about your skills, qualifications, and character. The goal is to convince hiring managers that you’re interested and qualified for the product management position.

A cover letter also explains to hiring managers the value you’ll bring to their company. You must include prior work experience and any in-demand skills you’ve acquired.


How To Create the Best Group Product Manager Cover Letter

Writing a group product manager cover letter that grabs attention is not an easy task. Creating a cover letter takes a lot of strategic planning. One of the main goals in your cover letter is to demonstrate your ability to balance your individual contribution as well as your people management skills. That said, let’s look at a few crucial elements for the best GPM cover letter possible.

Research and Understand the Product Manager Position

Demonstrate your strategic and tactical skills by listing activities and responsibilities of a group product manager within a company. With any product manager job application, you need to know the company that you’re applying to. 

Look at the company website for ideas in how to maximize their business value before creating the perfect cover letter that fits the job description and ties in with the company’s vision. It’s essential to understand its mission, its services, the customer base they’ve grown, and how a GPM benefits the company.

Customize Your Group Cover Letter

If you’re planning on applying for multiple positions within different organizations, you’ll need to customize your cover letter for those various positions. For example, at one company you might be embedded within a team of specialists, and at another, you might work closer with developers and designers. 

It’s also essential to customize the tone of voice in each cover letter. Engage the reader’s attention with a friendly but professional tone that encourages them to continue reading.

Make Sure Cover Letter Is Concise and to the Point

A group product manager’s role is simply a business function and should be kept short and sweet. This helps in boosting your chances of landing the job. Make sure that everything flows by using clear headings and a simple font. Black writing on a white background is a good cover letter format that makes it easier for hiring managers to scan.

Display Relevant Skills and Past Experience

To make a great cover letter, add prior experience, project management skills, technical skills, and qualifications you’ve earned. Hiring managers look at job applications to see who best suits the leadership role and who best manages the responsibilities of leading a product team.

If you’re new to the industry and are getting your feet wet, share any internship or group product manager training you’ve received, demonstrating your commitment to the field.

Double-Check Your Cover Letter

An error on your GPM cover letter immediately sends you to the bottom of the pile. Once you’ve finished drafting your cover letter, double-check for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Ask someone to review your cover letter and give feedback on the text and layout, and content of your GPM cover letter.


What is the Purpose of Creating a Cover Letter?

Hiring a new employee is often a long and tedious process. A cover letter introduces a resume or curriculum vitae that breaks down the essential information. This is for hiring managers to narrow their search of candidates before taking a further look at resumes.

Cover letters highlight an applicant’s most important assets and set them apart. Use your cover letter to introduce yourself and convey your personality, skills, and interests.

Keep the following three points in mind when creating your cover letter:

  • What makes you eligible for this position?
  • What makes you passionate about the product management industry?
  • What interests you about this company?


Group Product Manager Cover Letter Outline

By sticking to the outline below, we’ll help you stay on track when creating your cover letter. This outline allows you not to forget any information as you craft your first cover letter.

  • Start with your name, contact information, and the date
  • Address the hiring manager by Mr./Ms. (surname)
  • Introduce yourself and explain the position you’re applying for
  • Add 2-3 paragraphs that explain why you’re the best candidate for the job.
  • Add a conclusion paragraph thanking the hiring manager for their time
  • Sign off with your full name and signature


Group Product Manager Cover Letter – Section Breakdown

Name and contact information

Include your full name, phone number, email address, and home address at the top of your cover letter. This ensures the hiring manager gets to see who they are reviewing and makes you contactable. Ensure you’ve included the Day/Month/Year to show the interviewer that you’ve personalized the cover letter.

If you send a digital cover letter to the company you’re applying for, add your LinkedIn page and portfolio website as a reference. Link any relevant work you’ve done for other companies in product manager positions. This encourages the hiring manager to choose you.

Address the hiring manager

Addressing the hiring manager by name adds a nice personal touch to your cover letter. Keep it formal by greeting them as “Mr.” or “Ms.” followed by their last name. If you’re unable to find a name on their website, choose one of the following greetings:

  • To whom it may concern
  • Dear HR manager
  • Dear Respected Sir/Madam

Introduce yourself

The introduction part of your letter is the first big chunk of writing the reader sees. It needs to be engaging and informative. Start with something impressive, such as a qualification or experience in the field. Add skills that fit in with the job title and personality traits that grabs the reader’s attention.

Explain why you’re the best candidate

This section calls for applicants to sell themselves. Explain how you know the job and the research you’ve done into the company. Highlight how you’ll contribute to the company by overlapping your employment history with the job description. Keep these paragraphs short and concise to avoid losing the reader’s interest. This section should explain why you’re the ideal candidate.

Conclusion paragraph

Keep the closing paragraph of your letter professional. Restate your interest in the role and your excitement for the opportunity. Suggest a face-to-face interview and allow them to contact you by referring to your contact details.

Sign off

Express gratitude by closing with “Warm Regards” or “Yours Sincerely” and your full name below. Sign your name below if you’ve printed out a hard copy of your cover letter.


Group Product Manager Cover Letter Examples

We have compiled a few product manager cover letter templates to help you write your winning cover letter. So, let’s dig in!

Cover Letter Sample 1:

[Name, Date, Contact information]

Dear hiring manager

I recently saw your job posting and am writing to apply for the Group Product Manager position at [company name]. With [x] years of experience in the product management industry, I am excited to learn and grow as part of your team. I have acquired significant knowledge of project management, team management, and leadership skills that benefit your company.

My current job includes full product development lifecycle responsibilities, overseeing the production process, QA testing, creating and presenting reports, conducting market research, improving specific product features, and managing product launches.

I excel at conducting market studies to determine the requirements and demands of the customers, anticipate the new product’s performance, and assess and unpack competitors’ strategies.

I enjoy practicing agile methodology by developing findings reports for the review of the upper management, planning work schedules, and managing inventory.

Below is my job application and curriculum vitae, which details my communication skills, experiences, and qualifications. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you for your time

Kind/ Warm regards




Cover Letter Sample 2:

[Name, Date, Contact information]

Dear [hiring manager’s name]

Since landing my first dream job as a Group Product manager in [year], I have accumulated[x] years of experience working with companies such as [a], [b], and more. I am passionate about the role product managers cover within a company and believe I am a valuable asset.

I’m good at creating innovative solutions that combine technology with understanding customers’ needs. During my previous position at [company], my responsibilities included strategic planning, analyzing potential partner relationships, and product launches.

During my product management career, I have successfully launched [x] products which have helped me gain a deeper understanding of customer motivation.

Given a chance, I’d be a valuable asset for launching the following line of products. I’m confident that my strengths, knowledge, and experience will benefit your company and exceed expectations. I’d love to discuss this position and its requirements in more detail. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Yours sincerely,

[name] [LinkedIn profile] [Portfolio Website]


Cover Letter Sample 3:

[Name, Date, Contact information]

Dear [hiring manager/Sir/Madam] or [To whom it may concern]

I’m thrilled to be applying for the Group Product Manager position at [company]. With more than [x] years of experience as a Group Product Manager, I have a proven passion for product development and product improvement.

During my previous role at [company], my responsibilities included balancing an ever-changing product line while connecting the appropriate teams to ensure the smooth running of our product development cycle.

My ability to ensure team collaboration and stakeholder buy-in allowed me to launch more than [x] successful products successfully. Senior management praised me for having a deep understanding of customer motivation and a passion for product strategy, and for proactively addressing market shifts.

I have an extensive background in both market research and Agile methodology. I served as Scrum Master for [x] software projects before earning a Group Product Development manager role. Additionally, I established new development protocols for defining product requirements, developing user stories, and creating product roadmaps.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Group Product Manager position. I’m eager for the opportunity to bring my unique mix of development and leadership skills to help [company] continue to develop the best products on the market.

Yours Sincerely,




Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter
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