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What are Release Ready Teams?

Interested in finding out what release-ready teams are? You came to the right place.

Release-ready teams are agile teams that release new products and track their progress. They avoid the “once it’s released, that’s it!” mindset and instead think about how to continue to evolve and improve after releases.

What is the Purpose of Release Ready Teams?

These teams focus on agile release planning and strategy for new products. They also work on improving the quality of products before release by employing an agile process. Release teams aim to make the post-development process smooth. They work on automating the release process and strive to reduce the number of errors. Unlike the traditional release process that focuses on major releases, these teams track performance after release to identify and fix any issues.


What are Examples of Release-Ready Teams?

Let’s go through some examples of release-ready teams:

Netflix’s Chaos Monkey Team

Chaos Monkey is one of the most well-known release teams. The team aims to find and fix potential errors in Netflix’s release process. They do this by shutting down servers and services to see how the system reacts. If a service fails to recover from a shutdown, the Chaos Monkey team implements changes to make the system more resilient.

Google’s Site Reliability Engineering Team

Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team is responsible for keeping Google’s services up and running. The team uses various techniques to achieve this, including automation and monitoring. They are also looking for ways to improve the release process so that Google continues providing its users with a high-quality experience.

Facebook’s Release Engineering Team

The release planning process of Facebook is quite different from that of other companies. Facebook’s release engineering team manages the release process and ensures that new features go through testing before making them available to users. The team keeps an eye on the deployment process to identify and resolve various issues.


What are the Benefits of Release-Ready Teams?

Release-ready teams bring in numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

Developing New Products

The release-ready process enables you to plan and track working software development. This process ensures that all the team members are on the same page and aware of the goals. It also helps you understand potential risks that impact the development process.

Monitoring the Released Product

Release teams not only monitor the development of new products and track the product’s performance after release. They strive to identify the errors that released products might have. It paves the way for a better quality product and continuous delivery pipeline. It is also a major contributor to the software team’s success.

Delivery of Working Software

Release-ready teams work with other agile teams and an enterprise agile coach on delivering working software on a regular basis. The software is then released to customers to use and provide feedback. This feedback can improve the quality of the software.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an utmost priority when it comes to software releases. Without an agile release plan, there is a higher chance of releasing faulty software. It leads to frustration among customers. However, with release-ready teams, you deliver high-quality software and meet customers’ expectations.

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is the co-founder of Product HQ, founder of Technical Writer HQ, and founder and head of product of Squibler. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.