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3 Best Product Manager Portfolio Examples

A lot of companies tend to do tons of research before hiring product professionals. Recruiting a good product team can do wonders for an organization’s products and services. That’s why it’s crucial to have a great product manager portfolio if you’re looking to get hired as a PM.

Regardless of whether it’s an enterprise or a startup, every company likes to see some prior experience. You can have a kickass resume or CV that shows your work experience, education, and more.

However, to truly impress a recruiter, you need a complete product manager portfolio. That includes your resume, past work, case studies, and more, summarized into one document or website.

In this article, we’ll go over some awesome product manager portfolio examples you can take inspiration from.

Let’s dive right in.

3 Top Product Manager Portfolio Examples

You can have an entire portfolio related to product management on sites like GitHub, but it can be hard to go through all of them. That’s why we’ve collected the best product manager portfolio examples as shown below:

1.     Mark Progano

Mark is a senior product manager who was a former web engineer. His prior experience has helped him become a tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and analytic-heavy product manager.

He has experience with building high-quality products and scaling them. His attention to detail is crucial as it helps to work through models, visualizations, prototypes, requirements, and manage cross-functional teams.

Other than that, he consistently works with data scientists, data engineers, creatives, and other business-oriented people.

Over the years, he has gathered experience in data, analytics, engineering, entrepreneurship, conversion optimization, internet marketing, and UX. Using that experience, he has developed a deep understanding of the customer journey and product lifecycle.

You can check out his product manager portfolio here.

What makes this a Good Product Manager Portfolio?

Here’s a summary:

  • It’s a complete website that details his work on a single landing page
  • On the work page, you’ll see his current clients, case studies, and reviews
  • He has a section on his website where you can download the resume as a PDF
  • In his About section, he provides a decent summary of his life, along with his noteworthy skills
  • There are client reviews on each page
  • The connect option provides a direct link to his email, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile
  • There’s also a built-in integration for his Instagram profile
  • The minimalistic design makes for a great website portfolio

If you’re an experienced product manager, you could learn a lot from this portfolio.

2.     Rian van der Merwe

Rian is a product leader, product manager, designer, and a published author. He has a background in user experience design, with tons of experience in building high-quality software.

Rian’s background in Sociology has helped him work better with cross-functional teams. Other than that, he helps teams with the creation and execution of software development processes.

Rian has successfully worked in the fields of product discovery, product management, development process design, user experience research, interaction design, and even content strategy.

You can check out his PM portfolio here.

What makes this a Good Product Manager Portfolio?

Here’s a summary:

  • It’s a complete website with a blog where Rian posts consistently
  • Under the Work section, you can check out his portfolio, writing work, and his public speaking gigs
  • The Contact section is user-friendly, has his email, and a link to his Twitter account
  • Rian also has a weekly published newsletter
  • The Portfolio page mentions his work in chronological order
  • It has photos, GIFs, and videos to showcase his efforts and work
  • You can learn about Rian himself and also get a step-by-step understanding of his previous work

If you’re looking to incorporate a PM portfolio within your website, this is a great example.

3.     Thaisa Fernandes

Thaisa is a multi-talented Scrum Master and a PMP-certified product manager who has mastered agile methodologies. She has a decade of experience with various product teams. Thaisa has worked on several digital initiatives by leading project sprints, exercising stakeholder management, and ensuring high-quality delivery.

Thaisa’s experience with coding and product design along with her multifaceted expertise has helped her scale multiple products and services over the years.

Using her excellent communication skills, she’s successfully launched her own podcast named ‘Latinx in Power.’ As a technologist, she has worked with tech companies like HP and Visa, helping them launch relevant products according to customer needs.

If you want to find out more about Thaisa, check out her product manager portfolio here.

What makes this a Good Product Manager Portfolio?

Here’s a summary of why this is a great product manager portfolio:

  • It’s a minimalistic website that gets right to the point
  • The allocation of the text compared to the white space makes it easier to go through the portfolio
  • You can read her statement in the very beginning, and immediately after that, you’ll see her titles and a small summary
  • There’s also an introduction to her podcast. That shows you can add personal projects to your portfolio too
  • You can check out all the products she’s worked on and read their summaries. If you click on the ‘Learn More’ button, you’ll be redirected to the relevant case study
  • There are logos of some of the more noteworthy brands she’s worked with
  • In her contact section, she has her email, LinkedIn profile, Medium profile, Instagram profile, Twitter account, and links to her podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify
  • If you click on her blog, it takes you to her Medium blog portfolio
  • There’s a bookshelf tab that shows all the books she’s read. These are the books that have taught her everything she knows about product management and more

This PM portfolio is a great example of combining all your professional and personal efforts in one place.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the product management field, your work is a direct reflection of all your skills and efforts. It’s similar to how a developer needs to showcase their tangible efforts.

Most recruiters and hiring managers are tasked to find product managers who have kickass portfolios. Having your portfolio in the open for the world to see is the best way of getting maximum exposure as recruiters don’t have to approach you for your work.

Similarly, it’s easier for you because you just have to send a link to your portfolio.

Take some inspiration from the portfolios above and develop your own product manager portfolio today to move further in your product manager career path.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     What is a product manager portfolio?

A product manager portfolio is an extremely detailed collection of work samples that recruiters and clients can go through to check a product manager’s experience and expertise.

Product portfolio management was initially an organizational practice where a product portfolio manager oversaw a company’s product portfolio. However, doing that on an individual basis for a product manager is called a product manager portfolio.

2.     How Do I Create a Product Manager Portfolio?

You can follow these steps to create a complete product manager portfolio:

  1. Make a collection of all your prior work including any new products you’ve worked on, business goals you’ve achieved, product development you’ve done, and more. You can also add any product strategy you’ve developed, product roadmaps you’ve managed, and any project management you’ve done.
  2. Develop a website in your name and design it appropriately.
  3. Add your entire portfolio in a unique way. For example, you can write case studies, create designs, and more.
  4. Include an ‘About Me’ section that talks about you.
  5. Include a contact page listing all your communication channels.

When you launch this website, you’ll have a complete product manager portfolio.

3.     What is Included in Product Portfolio?

The product portfolio of any product manager includes all the products and services they’ve worked on. That can include a single product, several digital products, or a SaaS.

Furthermore, it has the relevant metrics and other important details about the products and services.

4.     How Do I Make a Portfolio?

Creating a portfolio is pretty straightforward if you have a collection of all the products and services you’ve worked on.

Prioritization is key and it’s needed to ensure you put the most relevant and significant projects first. You can use templates to create your first portfolio but it’s best to be creative and develop a unique product manager portfolio.

5.     Do I Need a Portfolio for Product Management?

Product management is a very experience-heavy field that requires PMs to showcase their skills through their work. A great product manager always has a portfolio ready that details all the products, services, and projects they’ve worked on.

To increase the functionality of a PM portfolio, it should also include details regarding what a product manager did to make the product more successful.

A good product manager portfolio will always lead to new opportunities.

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is the co-founder of Product HQ, founder of Technical Writer HQ, and founder and head of product of Squibler. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.