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6 Best Product Management Internships in 2024

The product manager role has seen a rise in global demand in the last couple of years. Today, we’re seeing an increasing of fresh graduates looking for a rewarding product management internship to kick off their career.

With more and more businesses undergoing digital transformation and product practices evolving, the product manager has become a vital success driver in a .

Needless to say, this has also improved the job scope for potential product managers.

Just like with any other product-centric role, a product management career is best when started as an intern. However, with so much competition in the product job sphere, finding a product management internship that can turn into a long-term career is not as easy anymore.

To help you find the best places to join as a product management intern, I’ve listed the top 6 product management internships for 2024.

Let’s get into the list.

1. DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify is a top software platform for digital media data, measurement, and analytics.

It’s one of the fastest-growing data measurement firms in the world, with tons of internship opportunities for product and data management roles.

As a product management intern at DoubleVerify, you will learn about the complete agile product development lifecycle. Additionally, you will learn how to manage and coordinate work across several cross-functional teams.

Considering the safety issues across the globe, the position is currently a virtual engagement (remote work).

Here are the specifics of the DoubleVerify product manager internship:

Duration: 6-weeks (full-time)

Academic Qualification: Currently enrolled in college, pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Required Skills: Basic understanding of advertising on social media platforms, and working knowledge of Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs.

Internship Details: Candidates will work in a cross-functional capacity across several account management, engineering, and product teams to create and document new data repositories and feature update templates.

For more information, visit DoubleVerify.

2. Corcentric

Corcentric is a leading cloud-based process automation solutions provider for the financial and procurement industry.

The has several smaller firms under its wing, including Source One, a digital procurement platform. Currently, it’s looking for product manager interns for Source One.

As a product management intern at Corcentric (Source One), you will learn how to improve overall product management, research activities, and product marketing. In addition to that, the position offers extensive fundamental knowledge of cloud-based products.

This is an on-premises internship, however, candidates with valid conditions can apply for a remote internship.

Here are the specifics of the Corcentric product manager internship:

Duration: Variable (full-time).

Academic Qualification: Currently enrolled in college, pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Required Skills: Prior experience or academic background in IT and/or cloud technology.

Internship Details: Candidates will support research and data requests from product managers, identify competitors, help create product roadmaps, and align development to those roadmaps.

For more information, visit Corcentric.

3. Boston Medical Center

Boston Medical Center is a healthcare institution with a research wing that collects and archives research data.

The center is expanding its data analysis operations and opening up multiple positions for project/product management professionals.

As the product management intern at Boston Medical Center, you will learn data collection and analysis, manage analytical software, and implement updates as necessary. Furthermore, you will understand the basic product management methods that are used in the department.

This is an on-premises internship.

Here are the specifics of the Boston Medical product manager internship:

Duration: Variable (full-time).

Academic Qualification: Currently enrolled in college, pursuing an undergraduate degree (preferably in the second semester).

Required Skills: Prior experience with Office software and Minitab. Some familiarity with the healthcare industry is a plus.

Internship Details: Candidates will provide administrative and analytical assistance to various staff members. Additionally, they will participate in project meetings to discuss new product initiatives.

For more information, visit Boston Medical Center.

4. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world, with a wide range of products currently in the market.

The is gearing up to launch its TechX Internship program for undergraduate students in the data management, software engineering, and product management fields.

As a product management intern at T-Mobile, you will learn about managing products and customer pain points within the tech industry. The offers permanent positions for dedicated interns, with a chance to support the entire lifecycle of products.

This is an on-premises internship.

Here are the specifics of the T-Mobile product manager internship:

Duration: 9 months (part-time).

Academic Qualification: Currently enrolled in college, pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Required Skills: Basic understanding of IT and information management systems.

Internship Details: Candidates will assist product management teams in various tasks and contribute their ideas and viable solutions to product initiatives.

For more information, visit T-Mobile.

5. Esko Bionics

Esko Bionics is a medical device and healthcare technology provider with an innovative product lineup.

The growing firm is looking for product management interns who can assist with new product development and managing ongoing projects.

As a product management intern at Esko Bionics, you will learn how to create product strategies for healthcare tech such as exoskeletons and robotic prosthetics. Plus, you’ll work closely with customer research managers to perform primary and secondary market research.

This is an on-premises internship.

Here are the specifics of the Esko Bionics product manager internship:

Duration: 9 months (part-time).

Academic Qualification: Currently enrolled in an MBA program with graduation set for 2024.

Required Skills: Some experience in product management, tech business development, or related fields.

Internship Details: Candidates will perform market analysis in healthcare tech applications, and develop market sizing models across a variety of parameters.

For more information, visit Esko Bionics.

6. L’Oréal

L’Oréal is a global cosmetics and personal care brand that sells dozens of products in the , regional, and international markets.

The corporation is offerings tons of internship opportunities for students and fresh graduates in product marketing and management.

As an intern at L’Oréal, you will learn about product strategy in an expanding market, as well as receive hands-on project management training within cross-functional teams.

This is an on-premises internship.

Here are the specifics of the L’Oréal product manager internship:

Duration: Up to 12 months.

Academic Qualification: Currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, preferably in a related subject.

Required Skills: Some experience in product management, broad-spectrum market research, and data collection.

Internship Details: Candidates will analyze evolving markets for multiple major products and assist senior product managers in all related areas.

For more information, visit L’Oréal.

Choosing the Right Product Management Internship in 2024

Paid internships are a great way to wet your feet in your chosen field, while also getting some hands-on experience with how you could progress to a full-time position.

The best thing about internships in 2024 is that due to changing employer attitudes towards the intern’s position, the job is much more rewarding than before.

Most internships are paid, and provide some great exposure to the field. Plus, several internships today serve as training programs for potential employees.

Product management is one of those fields that really benefit from candidates with elementary experience.

In case you’re wondering how to become a product manager in 2024, an internship is the way to go.

However, you still need to know the specifics of an ideal product management intern job, when choosing one.

Here’s what you need to look for before applying for a product management internship.

  • Duration between 6 months and a year.
  • Candidate’s direct involvement in primary tasks (product management in this case).
  • Equal opportunity employer .
  • Mentorship and training via experts and team members throughout the internship.
  • An acceptable pay rate.
  • Confirmed full-time opportunities for dedicated interns.

In addition to these criteria, you should look at the career trajectory that each internship position provides. I recommend finding a growing industry like CMMS software or employee onboarding software.

An internship that leads to a full-time position within the is the best-case-scenario for any product manager in the making. Make sure to confirm with the beforehand whether or not the promotes interns to full-time positions.

In conclusion, regardless of which you apply in, do plenty of homework and check reviews before applying.

If you are new to product management and are looking to break into your first product role, we recommend taking our Product Manager Certification Course, where you will learn fundamentals of product management, launch your own product, and get on the fast track towards landing your first product job.

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter
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