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How to Write a Data Science Product Manager Resume [+ Examples]

Interested in learning how to write a data science product manager resume? You’re in the right place!

Becoming a product manager with a data science background is difficult, and that’s why it’s hard to find the right advice on writing a data science product manager resume. 

Having such niche expertise ensures success in the job market. However, you still need to impress the hiring manager to get to that point. 

If you’re an expert in both product management and data science, there are two possibilities. Either you are a data scientist who is transitioning to product management. Or, you’re a product manager who’s learning data science. 

Either way, it is unfamiliar territory, and that’s why it’s best to go through a guide before creating a new resume. 

As data scientists, you prove your worth by providing quantifiable data to show the results of your efforts. Similar to that, as product managers, you prove your worth by explaining what tangible impact your efforts had on the growth of a product. 

This comprehensive guide still contains all the information you need to write your data science product manager resume. Here are some things we talk about: 

  •  Well-selected examples of data science product manager skills on a resume 
  • Data science product manager abilities and qualifications you need to include 
  • Tips on how to set your resume apart 
  • Resume writing tips for data science product managers, with details on what to include and what not to 


How to Write a Data Science Product Manager Resume 

Since the data product manager job is a specialized role, it has a very specific set of job responsibilities and functional requirements. 

A data product manager’s resume is never generalized because it always targets specific pain points. Most of these are industry-related, and that is why it’s best to stick to a single industry. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that most organizations have different names for the same role. Some organizations use ‘market data product manager’ as the job title, while others use something like ‘online data product manager’

Regardless, these titles are industry-specific and change as industry trends evolve, but the underlying concept is the same. That’s because these jobs require the expertise and knowledge of both data science and product management. 

Furthermore, the industry-specific requirements also introduce minute changes in the keywords you use. For example, in some cases, you focus on business intelligence and the agile development process. In other cases, you focus on data mining, machine learning, and data analytics to derive better product decisions. 

This is contingent on the industry and organization you’re applying to. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a data product manager resume sample. That way, it’s easier to adjust and edit the resume according to individual company requirements. 

Another important thing to remember is to develop an in-depth understanding of the company you’re applying to. Learn about their problems and issues, and identify improvement opportunities. 

Then, when you’re adjusting your resume, make sure you add points that imply that you have experience solving similar issues. 

This shows the recruiter that you are a good fit for the organization and that you’re ready and primed to tackle similar challenges.


What is the Best Data Science Product Manager Resume Format? 

The three most common methods of writing a resume include: 

  • Functional – This is a skill-first resume that focuses on your skills. However, it’s not ATS compliant, making it a bad choice if you’re applying to several places at once. 
  • Reverse Chronological – This resume format focuses on work experience with the most recent experience first. It is ATS compliant. 
  • Combination – This format combines both formats, providing a reverse chronological order of work experience and a separate skills section. This format is also ATS compliant. 

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is automatic software that sifts through resumes looking for relevant keywords. It helps organizations through hundreds of resumes and forward relevant ones to the recruiter. 

The ATS tracks keywords set by the recruiter relevant to the job posting. However, it only works with specific resume formats. That’s why it’s best to stick to an ATS-compliant format. 

That said, all professional resume templates provide a list of keywords to target for each type of job. 

For data science product manager resumes, some common keywords include cross-functional teams, design, best practice system usage, data engineers, computer science, software development, data architecture, product roadmap, product design, and data visualization, among others. 

Notice such keywords in the job description and try to use them in the resume. The more keywords you target, the better. However, don’t overoptimize your resume, it’s crucial to keep it organic. 

What Sections Do I Need to Include in My Data Science Product Manager Resume? 

If you’re utilizing a resume builder, create your resume using a template that has good customer feedback. That said, if you’re wondering what sections to add to your data science product manager resume, start with the easy one, the header. 

Data Science Product Manager Professional Header 

Every resume needs a professional header that provides basic information on who you are. Add a professional header, but you still need to be careful with it. 

It’s important to provide the right information without giving too much. For example, do not add your entire home address because it’s unnecessary. At most, add a city name and state abbreviation. 

Other than that, your data science product manager resume header needs the following: 

  • Your complete name as it shows up on all professional platforms and documents 
  • Current title (Data Science Product Manager/Data Product Manager) 
  • Professional email address 
  • Complete phone number 
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile 
  • Link to your data science portfolio or personal website 

If there’s space, add links to your GitHub and Stack Overflow profiles. 

Professional Work Experience

Your professional experience needs to be in reverse chronological order. Your latest data product manager role comes first, so there’s a sense of your career progress. 

Furthermore, if you have a lot of work experience, there needs to be a process of elimination. Remove unnecessary work experience to minimize what you show on the resume. 

This helps keep the resume short and concise. It also allows you to only provide relevant information about the job you’re applying to. 

That said, the work experience that makes the cut needs proper explanations. These explanations have to relate to the pain points of the organization you apply to. That helps the recruiter understand that your experiences are relevant. 

Therefore, when adding your work experience, ensure you add the following information. 

  • Your designation, including your career progress 
  • Mention relevant achievements, provide reference data, and explain results in terms of business value 
  • An accurate timeframe 
  • Prior experience in data science or product management 

Make sure you utilize relevant keywords throughout the resume. 

Other Additional Sections 

It’s best to add some additional sections to improve the resume’s outlook. Here’s a list of all the sections that make a good addition: 

  • Education – Adding relevant professional education information is always a good idea. However, only focus on adding this information if you have relevant degrees in data science, product management, or a related field. 
  • Skills – Including a list of skills is a good idea, but combining it with the work experience section is more effective. 
  • Certifications – Renowned certifications in product management and data science add a lot of weight to your credibility. 
  • Language – Mention the languages you speak and write in. Avoid the section if you only know one language. 
  • Interests – This is the lowest priority section but provides a decent outlook of your personality. 

In any case, let’s take a look at some resume examples. 


Data Science Product Manager Resume Experience Examples 

If you’re looking to transition into a new data science product manager role, your work experience needs to relate to data science, product management, or both. 

Your resume needs to validate your skills and expertise. More so if you’re applying to such a position for the first time. 

That said, showcasing some qualities as data product managers is important. A good example is a proven track record of utilizing customer feedback to drive new product features and market data products. 

This shows experience in both frontiers. In any case, here’s what you need to add to prove yourself: 

  • Talk about instances where you went beyond the scope of your job 
  • Explain the impact of your solutions on revenue, business growth, and business development 
  • Mention the tools you use and why 
  • Talk about managing multiple projects, communicating with internal and external stakeholders, and product marketing efforts 

All in all, use key metrics to mention results and the impact on various stakeholders. What did you do to leave a lasting impact on your previous organization? Provide a client reference site and data on key stakeholders for verification. 


Listing Data Science Product Manager Resume Skills 

Having a separate section to discuss your skills is a good idea. However, don’t stop there and mention those skills while explaining your work experience. 

It helps to provide context on your skills. When you cite an achievement, talk about what skills played a role in it. 

Let’s say you have excellent planning, marketing, and communication skills. If you’re mentioning your role in developing a marketing strategy, factor those skills in. Explain how your skills played a role, allowing you to create a market strategy that improved revenue by 200%. 

Writing the skills alone doesn’t do anything, providing context with them does. 


Listing Data Science Product Manager Resume Education 

It’s safe to say that a data science product manager has a relevant degree in data science, product management, or a related field. 

Only mention college education here and avoid mentions of your high school. Start with the highest form of education and then go back. 

If you have a Master’s in data science, mention that first and then your undergraduate degree. 

If you don’t have formal education, avoid this section and focus on certifications. 


Listing Data Science and Product Management Certifications 

Certifications play a huge role in providing validation for your skills and expertise. If you’re certified by well-known product and data science institutions, it improves your credibility. 

That said, it’s not a necessity, but it helps your case a great deal. For aspiring data science product managers with no formal background education, certifications are key. 

You have a lot of options for certifications in this particular role. There are a lot of organizations offering data science product manager certifications. Some name them data product manager certifications. 

In any case, getting some certifications in data science and product management alone is also best. 

This proves that you understand data science and product management and are ready to bring combined expertise. The following are some well-known certifications and courses: 


  • Certified Data Product Manager Certification by Product HQ 
  • The Product Management for AI & Data Science Course on Udemy 
  • Data Science with R Certification Course by Simplilearn 
  • Certified Product Manager by Product HQ 
  • Product Manager Certification by the Product School 

Your priority needs to be courses that provide knowledge of both mediums. 


Listing Data Science Product Manager Achievements 

When listing your achievements under the work experience section, keep one thing in mind, always provide quantifiable information. 

Tangible achievements provide a sense of realism and offer a result-oriented perspective. It also helps recruiters understand your role and the impact of your involvement. 

Avoid making vague statements at all costs. For example, 

I worked with market data providers for better data processing of customer feedback to drive product enhancements. 

This statement does not provide an accurate image. Here’s an alternative: 

I leveraged better data quality to identify customer pain points and reevaluated business models to improve product feedback leading to an 80% increase in revenue and a 250% improvement in customer satisfaction.  

This statement provides quantifiable proof and gives a better idea of your process. 


Data Science Product Manager Resume Example 

To make it easy for you to understand what kind of resume works best, we found this example online. 

Data Product Manager Resume

Credit: Velvet Jobs

Keep in mind that this example only serves as a benchmark. The important thing to notice is the format of the resume, including the placement of each section. 

A summary at the top is not necessary but provides a neat summation of your career. Add this section if you have leftover space in your resume. If you do decide to add it, make sure you optimize it. 

Moving on, it’s a good idea to add the skills section before work experience. This way, you list your skills and then provide proof of it in the experience section. 

The only thing to add to this template is a proper professional header that includes relevant personal information. 

Data Science Product Manager Job Application Experience 

Since the data science product manager role is a specialized role, mass applications are not a thing. There’s a good chance you have a deep understanding of the organization you’re applying to. 

Therefore, all you have to do is write a good resume that’s tailored to that company and you’re golden. That said, it’s a tight-knit community with a technical aspect so there is a competitive landscape. 

How Many Pages Does Your Data Science Product Manager Resume Need to Be? 

Make sure your resume remains on a single page like the example template above. 

More than 90% of recruiters don’t bother going to page two because of the number of resumes they receive. Make it easy for them to choose you. 

Five Data Science Product Manager Resume Tips 

Here are five resume writing tips to craft a converting data science product manager resume. 

1. Ensure ATS Compliance 

Since your resume goes through an ATS, it’s crucial to make it ATS compliant. That means you have to choose a resume format that is compliant. 

However, what’s more important is using the right keywords so the system picks your resume. 

2. Try to Add a Cover Letter 

While a cover letter isn’t a necessity for a lot of jobs, it’s still a good idea to include one. A cover letter shows you have done your research before applying. 

It also gives you a chance to connect with the recruiter, explain why you’re a good fit, and serves as a minor introduction. 

3. Link to Your Website and Portfolio 

As a data scientist, there’s a good chance you have a robust portfolio. It helps to link to that portfolio while explaining each project’s relevance. 

As a product manager, it helps to have a personal website that summarizes your career. It’s also best to add some case studies to showcase your product management skills. 

4. Provide Tangible Proof of Achievements 

When listing your achievements under your work experience, always provide quantifiable proof. 

Talk in numbers, percentages, and ratios. Provide proof through important metrics. Utilizing data from tools like Google Analytics is also a good idea. 

5. Use Technical Jargon (But Not Too Much) 

As a data science professional, it helps to show how much you know. Use data science jargon to showcase your knowledge. 

However, don’t make it too complicated. After all, the recruiter isn’t well-versed in data science, they only need to know you are knowledgeable. 

Data Science Product Manager Resume Don’ts 

Here’s what not to do while crafting your resume. 

1. Use Too Many Keywords 

Using specific keywords is important but using too many causes problems. Choose your keywords with great care. 

It’s best to utilize 80% data science keywords and 20% product management keywords. 

2. Choose a Theme First 

While a resume theme is a good idea, it needs to come second to your resume format and content. 

When you have a template, format, and content, choose a decent resume theme online. 

3. Use a General Resume 

Never make a single resume to use in every job application. You have to adjust your resume for every organization and job application. 


Where to Apply with Your Data Science Product Manager Resume? 

A data science product manager job is a technical job and most companies put up jobs like that on professional platforms, including: 

  • LinkedIn 
  • Indeed 
  • Data science forums 
  • Product management communities 

On top of that, some companies prefer making this job a contractual position. 

Key Takeaways and Summary 

Looking back, here’s a quick summary of the data science product manager resume writing guide: 

  • Use an ATS-compliant combination resume format 
  • Provide proof of your knowledge of data science and product management 
  • Use technical jargon and the right keywords. 80/20 rule for using data science and product management keywords 
  • Maintain a single-page resume 
  • Focus on adding the right certifications 

Writing a resume is no easy task. It gets more complicated when you try to target specific companies. 

However, use the guide above to make it a little easier and create a data science product manager resume that gets you to the interview table. 

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter is the co-founder of Product HQ, founder of Technical Writer HQ, and founder and head of product of Squibler. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.