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B2B Product Manager Job Description Examples

Interested in learning what a B2B product manager job description looks like? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The job description of a B2B Product manager varies from one particular organization to another and one industry to another. It’s due to the diversity in B2B product management, which plays diverse roles in managing products and people across various industries.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the job descriptions of product managers across multiple disciplines. Before diving into them, let’s give a brief overview of B2B product management.

Product management for businesses-to-business (B2B) entails businesses creating products to sell to other business entities. For instance, consider tech products for monitoring company employees’ human resource activities.

The B2B product manager has to manage all the product development life cycle phases, from product creation to ultimate delivery.

We have taken job description examples from various industries to understand this even better. So without further ado, let’s get into them. It’s advisable to alter them as per your requirements.

B2B Product Marketing Manager Job Description Example 1 -Healthcare Industry

A leading pharmaceutical company is hunting for a talented B2B product marketing manager to contribute to the company’s growth and maintain core brand values. This role reports to the health director of products.

Hence, the B2B product marketing manager’s responsibility lies in leading the marketing strategy for future and current B2B partners. In doing so, it’s essential to steer brand awareness, adoption, and distribution of health products through a wide range of channel partners.

These channel partners include but are not limited to health planners, benefits aggregators, and insurance carriers. The company prefers the ideal candidate to be an expert in the medical field.

The below list contains the expectations and responsibilities of the B2B product manager for this role.

Expectations of a B2B Product Marketing Manager are to:

  • Develop integrated marketing campaigns. 
  • Carry out market research to identify new prospects.
  • Create high-impact content strategies such as pitch decks, product overview brochures, product demos, and sales toolkits to promote products among existing customers and potential leads.
  • Be the primary point of contact for product marketing and possess expert-level knowledge of the company’s channel partners.
  • Organize and drive the empowerment plan for the company’s partnerships team and internal teams within channel partners in charge of client sales.
  • Have a proven track record of working in fast-paced, high-pressure environments with unclear settings. 
  • Have a thorough understanding of the product development process and intervene to share your input.
  • Handle all aspects of product management, which means identifying market opportunities by user research. Then develop product roadmaps according to market opportunities.
  • Utilize the data from channel partners, rivals, and the company’s partnership team to improve our message, guarantee product-market fit and impact the product roadmap.
  • Adept at fusing artistic expression with strategic thought.


  • 4+ years of expertise in B2B or B2B2B product promoting or in a similar position with transferable skills.
  • Self-assured self-starter who is eager to work alone and with cross-functional partners and senior management teams.
  • Exceptional presentation and communication skills, including the capacity to connect with and win the confidence of external partners and internal stakeholders.
  • Proven success in implementing product marketing strategies such as product positioning and sales enablement.
  • Proven track record of effective storytelling and creating compelling content across multiple mediums.
  • Thorough knowledge of the benefits in healthcare sectors.
  • Skills in growth product management are mandatory.
  • Experience in working in a marketing agility environment.
  • Be the channel partners’ ambassador and collaborate with internal stakeholders to guarantee an ongoing feedback loop.
  • Organize and direct the enablement plan for our Partnerships team and the teams inside our channel partners in charge of client sales.
  • Knowledge of project management software such as Jira is a bonus.

Technical B2B Product Manager Job Description Example 2 -IT Industry

The role of the technical B2B product manager is to lead the Cloud Security Product Marketing Team. Thus their primary roles include developing product demos for clients, creating campaigns for practitioners, presentations, and technical writing.

Furthermore, it’s a vital asset for the technical B2B product manager to understand the target audience’s pain points. After that, it’s the duty of the product manager to link the brand’s unique value proposition and competitive advantages.

Thus this role is ideal for sales engineers to enhance their marketing skills and help define the organization in how they market and position their products.

Expectations of a Technical B2B Product Manager are :

  • Developing market strategies to help the business grow and reach out to new customers.
  • Coordination of the creation of product marketing materials, including but not limited to videos, flyers, brochures, blogs, white papers, and technical documentation.
  • Presenting in webinars, meetups, and other public gatherings to promote the capabilities of tenable products and their worthiness to customers.
  • Providing support to the organization’s B2B partners with appropriate training and instructions to execute their sales orders to sell the brand’s products and services. This service is essential as the organization is a sales enablement materials partner.
  • Devising and executing product demos to showcase the brand’s capabilities, differentiators, and practitioner benefits to potential leads.
  • Understanding client and partner requirements to help you better highlight the company’s products’ features and benefits that assist in building product vision.
  • Contributing to marketing strategy, messaging, and support in keeping marketing communications accurate in technical aspects.
  • Promoting the organization’s goods and services to technical professionals by understanding their requirements and use cases.
  • Establishing and upholding a solid collaborative relationship with product management, engineering, sales, marketing, and other business functions.
  • Identifying and introducing new relationships to the market and working together across functional boundaries.


  • 5+ years experience in technical product marketing, technical product management, sales engineering, or equivalent positions.
  • Knowledge of the container ecosystem, DevOps, cloud infrastructure management, test-driven development, continuous integration and delivery,  and information security and compliance standards.
  • Working and performing at your best in a fast-paced environment where change is inevitable with high expectations.
  • A deep understanding of the company’s products or other DevOps and cloud security solutions is a bonus.
  • Certification in agile transformation or experience in such a setting is mandatory.
  • Excellent verbal and writing communication abilities, and convey challenging concepts to a range of audiences.
  • Communicate and work with remote functional or segment teams spread across the globe.
  • Possess strong follow-through and brilliant organizational capabilities.
  • Capacity to combine artistic expression with strategic reasoning.
  • The natural drive and self-starter mindset spur you on to achieve spectacular achievements.
  • Knowledge and experience in burn-down chart is nice to have

B2B Product Manager Job Description Example 3 – Financial Industry

A leading bank in the country seeks a well-versed B2B product manager to plan, market, and deliver commercial online banking products throughout the product lifecycle. A comprehensive benefits package awaits the appropriate candidate.

The essential job functions for this role require capturing requirements from clients and stakeholders to develop the product vision and the roadmap. The B2B product manager then creates a forecast for the product and oversees product launches based on the marketing, sales, and market analysts’ feedback and expertise.

To deliver products that align with this vision, satisfy market demands, and adhere to a high degree of quality, the product manager collaborates with development, engineering, and other departments. Now let’s look at what the company expects from a product manager for this role.

Expectations of a B2B Product Manager are to :

  • Identify the significant benefits and worthiness of the products. Using these benefits, create and maintain marketing strategies and collateral such as website content updates, product training materials, and sales training.
  • Develop product strategy and create the roadmap for the product.
  • Gather, monitor, and keep track of all stakeholder needs across various product releases.
  • Get internal management approval by creating the investment business case.
  • Become the industry’s recognized authority on the product, the market, the pertinent technology, and the rivalry.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders and third parties to evaluate and form relationships.
  • Present a product marketing strategy and budget, then follow through on it.
  • Evaluate the marketing initiatives by supporting your offerings, and notify the company management of any necessary amendments.
  • Understand and support the company’s major sales channels. Develop tools and external collaterals, and instruct our numerous sales channels on how and when to use them. Train them on the issues we address for our customers and users.
  • Recognize and document our buyers’ buying process to make decisions, including how they get information and from whom, what, when, and why lead them to make a purchase. Implement adjustments to our sales and marketing procedures based on what you discover.


  • 5+ years of product marketing experience, with at least 2 of those years you have worked in a position involving market interaction. Providing presentations to clients and prospects, for instance, or executing market research and competitor analysis.
  • Marketing or business-related bachelor’s degree; Having an MBA is an added advantage.
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics and marketing automation tools like Marketo, Pardot, and Omniture.
  • Ability to build relationships utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In addition, this role requires excellent public speaking skills for the older generations.
  • Knowledgeable about productivity tools like Microsoft Office, Project, or Basecamp. Also, skills in CRM tools such as Slack and Salesforce are excellent to have.
  • Excellent team player with interpersonal and managerial abilities for dealing with staff coworkers, cross-functional teams, and outside parties. 

B2B Product Manager Job Description Example 4 -Big Data Industry

We are a business customer data platform that enables marketers to provide customers with tailored data-driven experiences.

As a data-first platform for optimizing consumer experiences, we intended to shake up the marketing technology and marketing cloud industries. Our platform enables companies to power consumer engagements across many channels by utilizing machine learning and enterprise-scale data. Here, we believe that people are both the start and end of successful corporate businesses.

The launch program and partner integrations are under the purview of the product marketing manager we’re seeking. As part of this focus, we develop case studies with partners and mutual value propositions. Furthermore, we manage and instigate product launches, research personas, and use cases, develop product messaging and collateral, and evangelize the company’s data offerings to partners and prospects.

Expectations of a B2B Product Manager are to :

  • Manage product launch activities and associated go-to-market strategies to increase sales and encourage the use of new services and capabilities.
  • Perform market research to provide the voice of the market to our brand.
  • Create and deliver material for events, speaking engagements, and webinars.
  • Develop shared value propositions, use cases, and co-marketing strategies with your partners.
  • Create marketing materials for products and solutions and gather data from surveys and customer feedback.
  • Develop tactics for competitive differentiation by gathering competitive intelligence.
  • Assist sales enablement in developing top-notch resources and training for all B2B partners.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field.
  • 2 to 4 years of experience in pre-sales, content marketing, product management, and product marketing in B2B and SaaS technology environments.
  • Comfortable with traveling overseas when required.
  • Exceptional thinking and writing abilities.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in both quantitative and qualitative market research techniques.
  • Knowledge of product-led growth strategies. 
  • Experience in business marketing or information technology is nice to have.
  • Working together along with partners on joint go-to-market initiatives.
  • Ability to move along with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.


The B2B product manager is a role in that you need to learn and update your skills all the time due to its dynamic nature. New products keep emerging with diverse technologies that change within a short period.

So keep learning and improving your skills. Furthermore, in addition to fundamental qualifications such as a Degree or MBA, completing a certification helps. At Product HQ, we offer several Top-Rated Product Management Certifications. Enhance your skills and be a top-notch product manager.

Josh Fechter
Josh Fechter
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