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Product Managers are responsible for communicating with stakeholders including customers, business area managers and the development (application) team to make sure the goals for the product are clear and the vision is aligned with business objectives.
A Product Manager helps the development (application) team maintain that vision by creating a product roadmap.
This also provides visibility for customers and presumptive customers about the future potential of the product.

Product backlog:
One of the most important responsibilities for a Product Manager is managing the product backlog.
This is the development (application) team’s project to-do list.
The Product Manager’s responsibility is to create the list of backlog items and prioritize them based on the overall strategy and business objectives.
Additionally, the Product Manager will need to map out project dependencies to inform the necessary sequence of development.

Prioritize needs:
Another key role of the Product Manager is to prioritize needs.
In other words, they must juggle the triangle of scope, budget, and time, weighing priorities according to the needs and objectives of the customers.

Overseeing development:
With the vision, strategy, and product priorities set, the product Manager should spend a significant amount of time overseeing the development of the product.
They are a key player throughout each event, including planning, refinement, review, and sprint.
The Product Manager is accountable for each stage of the development process and the final product.
They take a primary role in inspecting and evaluating product progress through each iteration.
The Product Manager makes the judgment call on the performance, deciding if the team needs to go back to the drawing board or if they can move on to the next steps.

Anticipating client needs:
The successful Product Manager will be an expert at understanding and anticipating the customer’s needs to more effectively manage the development process.
Their deep knowledge and communication skills allow them to anticipate problems or needs and address them in a proactive manner.

Acting as primary PoC:
The Product Manager is also the primary communicator and link between customers, other stakeholders and the development (application) team in everything related to the product.
As such, they have to be expert communicators, making sure there’s buy-in from stakeholders on all major decisions and strategy and clear instructions and deliverables for the developers.
The Product Manager will work closely together with the SC Customer Engagement team in this endeavour.

The Product Manager owns the overall governance of the product and is responsible for the product’s management and support throughout its lifecycle.
Estimated Salary: $20 to $28 per hour based on qualifications.

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