By the end of these next 6 weeks, you’re guaranteed to have personally built a full-functioning AI product… 

Which you can use to either impress any employer or use as an MVP to round up investors for your idea.


*Only 20 student seats are available.

“Not Just Another Prompt ‘Engineering’ Course” – Dhaval Bhatt

The AI Product Accelerator is more than just a glorified prompt course — it’s a comprehensive, immersive program designed to take you from concept to launch in just 6 weeks. 

Led by industry veterans, including a lead instructor with a track record of building and leading award-winning products at top tech companies, we offer unparalleled insights and hands-on guidance.

Hands-on Engineering, Design, and Growth Help

Access to a Network of Experts

Community-Centric Learning

Here is how the next 6 weeks will go:

And each week features core instructional sessions, deep dives with industry experts, and collaborative projects that ensure you apply what you learn in real time.

Hey there,

I’m Dhaval, and I’ve been in the AI game for quite a while, and since 2009 I’ve been weaving through the ins and outs of everything from auto-navigation in aerospace to bringing new dimensions to gaming at Microsoft. 

I’ve also had the chance to teach over 8,000 students through courses at prestigious universities like Duke and UC Berkeley –  sharing everything AI, from the nitty-gritty to the big picture.

And after having done so for a while, let me tell you, it’s the community vibe, the shared a-ha moments, that really make this space so fun and interesting.

This Accelerator here is your ticket into that community.

It’s not just about learning AI (although you will become an AI pro by the time we’re done) –  it’s more about becoming part of an ecosystem where ideas fly, investors gather, startups thrive, and real change happens. 

This is your opportunity to come out of this talent collapse era thriving more than ever.

Choose Your Investment Option. Enrollment limited to 20 students for high-quality educational experience.

Best Investment
Full Accelerator + Execution + Coaching
30-Day Money Back Guarantee - No questions asked.
Pay in Full
Full Accelerator + Execution + Coaching
30-Day Money Back Guarantee - No questions asked.
4 Monthly Payments
  • 12 Live Workshops - 90 Minute Sessions - Monday and Wednesday (recorded)
  • 6 Industry Expert Deep Dives - 60 Minute Sessions - Friday (recorded)
  • Full Access to AI PM Program
  • Weekly Coaching with Execution Team - Design, Growth, Engineering
  • Full Day In-Person Workshop in SF with Investors, Founders, Hiring Managers, Creators, and Influencers
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - No questions asked.

Craft, Launch, and Grow Your AI Product with Precision

In this Accelerator, you will embark on a comprehensive journey that covers every aspect of bringing an AI product to life and beyond. Here’s what you will learn:

  • AI Product Ideation: How to brainstorm and validate your AI product ideas using proven techniques and insights.
  • Validation to Launch Workflow: Step-by-step guidance through the process of validating, designing, developing, and launching your AI product, equipped with practical templates and frameworks.
  • Scalable AI Product Development: Strategies for scaling your AI product post-launch, ensuring it’s built for growth from the ground up.
  • Hands-On Technical Assistance: Direct support from technical teams to apply what you learn in a practical, hands-on environment, making the learning process both effective and efficient.
  • Tangible AI Product Creation: You will not only learn but also apply your knowledge to create a tangible AI product by the end of the program.
  • Portfolio Development: A collection of product templates and frameworks that you can use for future projects, enhancing your skill set and marketability.
  • Personal Brand Enhancement: A professionally recorded personal brand elevator interview to share your journey and elevate your personal brand within the industry.
  • Startup Support Packages: Opportunity to access exclusive Google/Microsoft startup packages, conditional on your product’s traction, to give your venture a significant boost.


  • Support and Connection: You’ll gain access to a supportive community and direct connections to industry leaders and AI innovators.
  • Accountability and Feedback: Regular feedback sessions to keep you on track and accountable throughout your project development.
  • Autonomy and Freedom: The skills and knowledge to pursue your AI projects with independence, giving you the freedom to shape your career and life as you see fit.
  • Confidence in the AI Economy: Equip yourself with the confidence to navigate and thrive in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.
  • A Network of Peers: Join a community of like-minded individuals, offering a wealth of opportunities for collaboration and growth.
  • Exclusive Access: Direct access to my network of AI innovators, providing unparalleled opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.


This AI Product Accelerator is for anyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to product creators, product managers, engineers, designers, marketers, sales leaders, and operations professionals , and anyone interested in leveraging their knowledge, experience or skills for impactful advancements in the AI economy. 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs and AI Enthusiasts:

  • If you’re looking to dive into the world of AI with a game-changing idea, this AI Product Accelerator will equip you with the knowledge and tools to turn your vision into reality. Gain hands-on experience in AI product development and launch your innovation with confidence.

Seasoned professionals and AI Startup Founders:

  • Enhance your existing product skills with AI-specific knowledge and frameworks to lead your projects to success. Leverage our community and network to scale your product and impact in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Side-Hustle Seekers and Industry Veterans:

  • Whether you’re aiming to supplement your income with an AI-driven side project or use your vast experience to disrupt the industry, our AI Product Accelerator offers the structure, community, and resources to achieve your goals. Transform your ideas into tangible products and career opportunities in the AI economy.


Tamara Gordon
UX Researcher & Interaction Designer
"This course provided me with an in-depth understanding of AI and machine learning. I now have knowledge of how machine learning works and the complexities associated with it, including the ethical considerations that must be taken into account when developing any product with AI or machine learning."
Simron Patel
Product Manager
"Product HQ's AI Product Management program provided a challenging and insightful learning experience. I gained knowledge in building AI products while considering ethics within data and ML. Thank you, Dhaval Bhatt, for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program!"
Ben Kereopa-Yorke
Global Product Manager
"A fantastic experience with plenty of key learnings. The Capstone journey was a fantastic learning experience for me, taking me through the stages of product development, from concept to ML Ops and AI ethics. It was great to learn how to build products using AI and analyze the potential effects on customers and their data. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a technical refresh or foundation in AI for product development."
Busolami Kehinde
Product Manager
"Product HQ's AI product management course was a game-changing experience. From ideation to AI business management, the course covered everything, including the latest AI ethics, tools, and techniques for product management. I highly recommend checking it out when it launches fully, and I'm grateful to Dhaval Bhatt for the opportunity."